Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


7. Studio

I walked to the school i could'nt think of anything else than the music i was gonna make today. "Hey beuty!" Garry says typical him. "Hey Garry" i say still thinking about the studio. "So what are you up to we barely never hear from you anymore!" He says. "That is not true!" I say. "Correct me if im wrong, but someone was acting like a little baby yesterday and he looks a lot like the person i'm talking to right now." I say punching his shoulder jokingly. "Was he handsome?" He asks giggling. I really love hanging out with him, well there is a reason that he is my guy best friend.

In my first class i have math i hate math, but luckily i'm just good enough so i dont need extra help. Mr. Johnson walks into the class. And went on and on with all the boring things we had to do.

At lunch i was sitting with Garry eating. We always do and i love it. "So what are you doing today?" Garry asked. "Well i'm gonna start on my album actually" i say excited. "Those boys again?" he asked. "They are stealing you from me, and that is not fair!" He says pulling a sad face, ofcorse he had to act all out. "I promise you we can hang out tomorrow" i said, his face lighted up. "Can't wait." He said when the bell rang last class. Music yes! That's my favorite class.

When i walked out of the school i saw a big van, five guys standing outside it. One Direction ofcorse. I walked to them i spotted Harry and scared him. "You scream like a girl" i laughed. "Hey Katie!" He said hugging me. The other boys hugged me too. "We have heard alot about you" Louis said when he hugged me. "Really what have you heard?" I asked. "That you look cute when you are sleeping." Niall said. I looked at Harry who was blushing. "Really you think that?" I asked. "This is a weird conversation!" He said. Jumping in the van. "He did'nt deny it" Liam said following Harry, then Zayn, Louis Niall and last me.

We got to the studio 10 minutes after. I had brought my songs with me, since it was my album we had to make. We did One my songs called: thinking about you. Louis and Liam both played piano to it and Niall played guitar, while Zayn and Harry just watched me sing.

When we were done Harry drove me home. He walked me to the door. "Katie can i ask you something?" He asked. "Yeah sure go for it" i said "uhm, i would just ehm, like to now if you ehm maybe wanted to, kind of go on a d- date with me?" He asked aaw how sweet. "I would love to" i said. "Tomorrow?" He asked. "Just not tomorrow, i promised to hang out with Garry tomorrow, he dont think he see me that much anymore. But wednesday would be great" i said. "Wednesday it is then" Harry said. "See you then." I said and kissed his cheek, making him smile showing his dimples, oh those dimples.

"What was happening there?" Mel asked when i went inside. "Oh just got a date with Harry Styles." I said. "I told you something was gonna happen!" She said jumping all around. "Yeah whatever." I said but on the inside i was acting just like Mel. I really liked Harry.

Well it was monday today which mean Skype night to Denmark, since it's the first day in the week so they could get an update. I told them everything and they were really excited about it. I love skyping with my parents but it also makes me miss Denmark and my friends there. When i was dobe skyping with them i went to bed thinking about the day.

Authors note.

So thank you everyone i love you all, you guys are doing a great job helping me. It's really late here i should go to bed.

Anyone who's excited about the music video to SOML on sunday? Well i am really excited. But love ya all!

~xx Benedikte. :)

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