Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


4. Movie?

The next day i wasent doing anything, or well until i got this weird text from Harry:

Having Any plans today? :-) -Harry

I quickly replied with:

No why please domt chok me again? :) -Katieee

I went to the Kitchen to make some breakfast. When i got this text back.

Promise i wont, just want to hangout? -Harry

Ok. :) -Katieee

See you at 10 then? :) -Harry

See you. -Katieee

Oh crap that is in 1 hour and i'm still in my pajamas! I ate as fast as possible, took a shower, i were just Don when Harry came.

"Hey how's it going" Harry asked hugging me. "Uhm fine i guess" hugging him back. " so what do you want to watch?" I asked. "A scary movie he almost screamed. "Uhm okay but im not very good at it" i said and called Melissa down, because i knew that she would love a scary movie, she loves Them and sincerament always said no she really wanted to.

The movie began every time something popped to the screen i either hugged Harry while svreaming (he was in the middle of me and Mel) or i'd squese his hand really tight. When the movie was over i found my self half in Harrys lap. "Uhm if you guys wanted to be alone you could just have said it" Mel said sarcastically.

I got up because i was hungry, "anybody hungry?" I asked. "Mee!" Harry yelled. Causing me too scream i turned around only too see Mel and Harry laughing way too hard. "That wasent funny i've just watched a really scary movie!" I said " but seriously why do you keep scaring me like that?" I asked " because it's funny to see your reactions" Harry said.


Harry's P. O. V.

Katies friend Melissa left us alone. And i started asking her some questions, she is a really open person, ned i just like her even more now. I shouldent be thinking like this. I found put that she is from Denmark just like our voice coach, they would be really good friends. "You know i have been thinking about the album?" She said. " yeah?" I asked "i would really love it if i could still ho to school, because i really want this education." She said. "Ofcourse we are gonna make just how you want it" i said. "Thaks alot" she answered.

I ended up staying there for the hole day. I got home and sat in the sofa where all the other boys were. They all looked weird at me. "What did you guys break?" I asked. "Nothing it's just weird that you dont say anything" Niall said. I didnt quite know what they were takling about. "What do you mean" i asked. "Seriously Harry tell us all about your day" Zayn said. "Well we watched a scary movie" i couldn't go Amy further before Liam yelled "ooooh somebody got scared and clinged you!" We all just looked at him. "Yes she was scared". I just said "but i also got to know her alot more" i said excited. "Well dont just sit there tell us!" Louis said. I told them everything also that about she wanted to go to school even though she was making an album.


Authors note

Thank you so much for Reading i'm sorry i didnt Update yesterday but as i said i was in Copenhagen.

Thanks for commenting and favorite i love you all!

And by the way it's storming here in Denmark it's Worse than the One 14 years ago, and One of my friends grandparents roof fell off but it's not the while roof hopefully! Well im just gonna crawl under my sheets and watch youtube videos and cry and write Mobellas yeah i know i'm weird.

If anyone has KIK then KIK me my name is @lovephotos3 and i'd love to hear from some of you... Byeeee

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