Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


10. In love?

I heard the lyrics of the song in the radio. It seemed like every station i turned the radio onto was playing love songs. Not because u dont like them or anything it's just, they make me think about Harry for some reason, and that makes me sad because i miss him! What is wrong with me? I receaved a message.

- Hey sweetie thank you for yesterday, it was very nice.- Harry

- Why should you thank me? You planens it all out and it was a perfect first date! :) -Katieee

I went to the school i love thursdays because it's the day were we only have music. The school went on until it ended ofcourse.

When i got home i heard voices inside the livingroom.

"I swear if you ever hurt her, i'll make face the Ground personally!" I heard Melissa say. "Dont worry i wont hurt her, i really like her". Harry said. He likes me! Oh wow i can't even describe how happy i am right now!

I slammed the door and yelled i'm home like i haven't heard what they had been talking about. I walked into the livingroom. "Oh hi, i didn't know you were hear" i said lying as good as i could. "Well i just came to hang out, sometimes the boys can be a little to much" he said smiling. "So what do you want to do?" I asked. "We could watch a movie or something?" He said. "Yeah sure" i agreed, truth is i would actually do anything just to spend time with him.

I ended up falling a sleep on his shoulder. The movie ended, and i heard him whisper: "I could this every day" as he kissed my cheek, i couldn't help it but smile. I heard a little giggle come from his lips.

"Aw, look at you two" i heard Mel say. "Sch! She's sleeping" Harry whispered. Too late i lifted my head streching my body. "Was it a good movie?" Harry asked. "Shut up" i said punching his arm. "I came too ask you if you wanted to og out for dinner. "Yeah sure" we both said. We went for dinner and a great time.

Authors Note.

So sorry for not updating, but these few days have been a little weird, i mean someone from my school murdered her self, and the some crazy other things happend.

But anyways what do you think about this chapter i love you all.

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