Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


8. Garry's

I walked to the school. "Looking forward to hang out with you" Garry said. "Do you wait for me here everyday because it is here i see you everyday?" I asked. He just looked at me and smiled. "I knew it." I said punching his shoulder. I got a text, it was from Mel 'have you seen this artical?' It read. I tappes the link, and an articel about Harry was there. "Have Harry Styles got a new girl?" I read out loud really quiet so only Garry could hear

I did NOT want to read the articel it's so creepy. I sent the link to Harry: have you read this?? I'm so freaked out! What if they find out were i live?! :( -Katieee

I went to class with Garry we have English toghether. We went into the class and me and Garry sat next to eachother. I could'nt think trough the class i was just scared that they would find me. There was some fans at the school that were overly excited about it and some just sent me mean looks. When the bell rang i got my phone out of my pocket. I saw a text from Harry.

Dont worry they wont hurt you i'll make sure that nothing happens. Xx- Harry

I hope you're right.. -Katieee

After school me Mel and Garry went to Garry's house. We sat down on his bed. "Katie got a date with Harry!" Mel yelled all of a sudden. "Katie why didnt you tell me? Then it's true!!" He yelled he and Mel, just dannes around acting weird singing something about me and Harry kissing. It was hard holding my laugh in. I could'nt di it i laughed as hard as i could.

"What is so funny?" Mel asks. "You. You are horrible dancers!" I says. "Were the best, and when you are being a famous singer we are gonna be your dancers!" Garry says. "Keep on dreaming!" I say.

"I'm hungry!" Mel yells walking down into the kitchen. We follow her to the kitchen were she is already eating a sandwich. "Mel that was my dinner for tonight!" Garry yells "sorry Garry" Mel say making her puppy face. "Well i can't stay mad at you." Garry says. I laugh at them.

Later me and Katie walk home and eat our dinner. I was'nt that hungry so just ate a little, Mel who can eat all the time ate ALOT tough. I got a text and took my phone out of my pocket.

See you tomorrow at 8? Xx -Harry.

Sure can't wait! :D x -Katieee

I dont know why i always add those two extra e's. I headed to my room and changed to my pj's , then i went to bed.

Authors note.

SOML music video is out tomorrow i'm so excited!!

Anyways what do you think so far? Sorry there's not happening a lot in this chapter but i need some filling.

Please keep liking and favorite comment and everything i love Reading your comments! -Benedikte

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