Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


9. Date night.

I got to the school again! School sucks except it's a music school so i kinda love it.

"Excited for tonight?" Garry said. "Schh!" I yelled. "Easy, no one knows what we are talking about" he said. I guess i was over reacting a little, but i did'nt want to tell.

School went past really fast, so there was'nt really anything there.

I got home to Mel. "So are you excited?" She asked. "Yea i guess" i just said like it was not a big deal. "Oh come on you're freaking out right now, i know!" She said smiling. "Okay, i'm really excited i feel like i'm gonna die!" I screamed and we jumped around and danced just a little.

"So do you know where you are going?" Mel asked. "No i have'nt actually asked yet" i said. "Then what are you waiting for you have to ask how will you then find what you are gonna wear?" She almost yelled. She could make a big number out of everything. "Okay okay i'm asking him now!" I yelled to her.

Hey were are we going tonight? :) -Katieee

Soon after i got a reply.

Not telling ;) -Harry

Okay well then: normal or formal? -Katieee

Normal :) -Harry

Well see you in a few hours then. :) -Harry.

"Mel!!" I yelled "you gotta help me pick an outfit!" I yelled. "Coming!" She yelled back. She love things like this. Soon after she arrived in my room.

A few minutes later we have found the outfit. Some skinny jeans a nice top and a leather jacket.

Soon after i heard a knock on the door. "Hey are you ready?" Harry asked hugging me. "Yeah, are you?" I asked. "As ready as you can be." He said sticking his elbow out for me to take it.

The drive there was really exciting i could'nt wait.

The place was really beutyful. It was on a beach, there was a little Hill with a tree on top of it. Under the tree there was a blanket with a little basket of dinner in it. We sat down under the tree as we watched the sunset it was really romantic.

We decided to take a walk down the water. I took my shoes of and started walking in the water.

"So, now is the question that you can't get out of". I said smiling at him. "Shoot" he said with a smirk on his face. "So how is it being in One Direction?" I said. "Well sometimes it can be really hard, with the screaming fans and the stress, but then you have some really good friends you do it with and amazing family who supports you", He said.

I smiled "i'm glad to hear" i said looking him in the eyes. "But enough of me. How is it then when you live in another country than your familiy?" He asked taking my hand, wich gave me butterflyes in my stomach. "Well it's hard there's a lot of things that you miss, and you dont get to see your cousins grow, and stuff like that." I said taking a pause. "I mean and then when i do come home they have grown so much!" I said, we kept talking about everything.

When we drove home it was already dark outside. We said goodbye at the door and Harry kissed my cheek.

Authors note.

So what do you think about this chapter? And can we just talk about the music video to SOML i mean it is perfect!! Anyways i love you guys!

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