Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


6. Babysitting

I heard a knock on the door, i rushed out to the door took a Quick look in the mirror in the hall. Why did i do this. I opened the door. "Hey ba.. Katie" hi said. "Hey" i said was he about Call me babe?! I went out door, "we have to go now" i said "we're already late". "Right behind you" he said smiling. We knocked on the door Jenna opened the door it's was the girl that we should babysitte. "Hey Jenna are your mom home?" I asked smiling. "Yes she's right inside the livingroom" she said in her little sweet voice. Jenna is 4 years old. I walked in to the livingroom shaking mrs. Heart (funny last name i know). "Sorry we're late i brought a friend with me, i hope it's okay". I said pointing to Harry. They shaked hands. "Harry" he said. "That's allright Jenna will just think that it's funny."

Mrs. Heart gave us a list about things, such as bedtime and stuff like that. "Oh and there's movies in the livingroom, if you guys want to see a movie when you have put Jenna to bed" she said blinking to me. I just said good bye and ignored what ever that was. When she left we went to Jenna's room were she was playing with her dolls, i sat beside her and began to play with her.


Harrys P. O. V.

The way she was sitting there playing with Jenna and her dolls, was just so sweet. It made me realise how much i liked her. Jenna all of a sudden looked at me like she realisere that there was a person that she dont know in her house. "Who is he?" She said looking at Katie, pointing at me. "He is a friend of mine and he will help me take care of you tonight". She explained. She handed me a doll and asked me to play with them. We played with dolls for a while, when all of a sudden Jenna decided that dolls were boring. Jenna sugested playing a game, me and Katie made sure that Jenna would win.


Katies P. O. V.

"You cheated!" Harry said acting as a kid. "No i did'nt cheat!" Jenna said all of a sudden Jenna were in Harry's arms, Harry running around the whole house. They ended in Jenna's room were Harry throw Jenna on the bed and started tickling her, Jenna constantly giggling and yelling. I just watched them smiling it was really cute the way he played with. He now turned to me "do you want me to tickle you too?" He asked cheeky. "No th-" was all i got to say before he starded tickling me to. I just yelled and screamed between laughs. (I am very ticklish).

When he finally stopped tickling us we went down stairs to make dinner, we just made some simple pasta. We sat Jenna on the kitchen table when we began to cook. We just all talked a lot and laughed, Jenna sometimes came with her little cute stories (some more true than others).

We sat down at the table and began to eat. My phone rang i looked at it Mel<3 it said "i have to take this" i said leaving the table. "The hottest girl in the world speaking" i said jokingly. "Oh yes she is and she looks a lot like me" Mel said joking too. "What do you want?" I asked. "Just wanted to hear how it's going i mean you're with Harry and you guys are babysitting Jenna, right?" She asked. "Yes why?" I asked hearing Harry and Jenna whispering about something. "Just wanted to hear if you guys would be good parents because you are obviously getting married, someday" she said. I rolled my eyes "how much have you been talking to Garry?" I asked. "Not that much" she said "well i have to go" i said.

I walked into the kitchen i could'nt find any of them. "Jenna, Harry were are you?" I asked. When all of a sudden Harry and Jenna jumped on me. "You just like scare me?" I asked still choked. "Yes because you are so funny to scary." He said.

We went to Jenna's room to watch a movie. Jenna was in middle of me and Harry. We watched the little mermaid, since it was Jenna's favorite movie.

I must have been really tired because i waked up beside Jenna in her bed. I tried to get past her, when i finally got out of the bed i found Harry sitting on a chair holding a grin in. "No comment" i whispered so i would'nt wake Jenna up.

We went to the livingroom to talk. "We would like start on the album tomorrow if that's okay?" He said. "I thought it was my album." I said winking at him. " it is but we would be there" he asked. "Sure but after school" i said in that moment mrs. Heart walked in the door.

We walked to my house. He stopped at the door "thank you for helping me today." I said "no problem i had a lot of fun." He said i went inside and headed to the bed.

Authors note.

So sorry about not updating for the last few days but there was a lot going on.

Thank you guys for liking fovouriting and faning i love you guys and now is weekend wuuuhuuu hope to Update a lot more in the weekend.

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