Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...



I woke up because of a pille smashed in my face."ouch why did you do that?" I asked moaning. "You gotta get up" Garry said. "Just 5 more minutes" i said. "No you can't just lay here and sleep all day!" He said "but i dont want to get up!" I had stil closed my eyes, but soon after i got heart attack by Garry pulling my covers off. "I said get up!" Garry said slightly irretated. "Okay okay just wait down stairs i'llbe there in a minute" i said going to the bathroom i showered quickly and then towel drues my hair, throwing some clothes on, then i went downstairs. "How'd you even get in anyways" i asked. "Know where you hide the secret key" he said. Crap i forgot not because i didn't want him there he is my best guy friend. "What did you want here anyways?" I asked him. "I want to know what is happening to you, sincerament you've met One Direction you haven't been calling or givtig me any life signs from you, what is happening?" He asked really confused. "Well im sort of having a contract" i said kind of bragging. "Really you said yes" he asked excited. "Yes and im really excited and i can still go to school that's not everyone that can do that!" I said grateful that i have this oppurtunity. "But you know i can't sing in front of people". I said. "Yes that is gonna be a problem but what else happend?" He asked. "Nothing much just been hanging out with Harry". I said calmly. "How can you be so calm how's freaking Harry Styles!" He yelled yes he is kind of a girl. I laughed at him and then talked "because he is just a human Being like you and me" i said. "Are you sure because you look like someone that really likes him" he said Reading me i didn't get to answer the question,because i got a text from Harry Styles. "Speaking of the sun" Garry said taking my phone of my hand. "Garry give me my phone back!" I yelled he read out loud. "Hey Katie wanna hang out today? Harry." He said in a teasing way. "Garry hand me my phone right now!" I said annoyd. He just ignored me "oh ofcourse i would love you to come over here and kiss me!" He said tapping on my phone,he was freaking gonna send it. "You would never do that!" I said tired of this. "We both know that i would" he said laughing at me. Yes i actually knew that he would. I heard that i've got a text. "Uhm are you sure you are okay?" Garry read out loud. This kept going on for a while, until he finally gave me my phone back.

"I better call Harry and explain what happend." I said. "Yeah you better" he said blinking at me, sometimes he was just a weirdo.

It only rang two times when i heard Harrys voice. "You better explain what happend" Harry said jokingly well my socalled friend took my phone." I said looking at Garry, he out of a sudden began to sing really loud. "Katie and Harry sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G." He could be so annoying sometimes. "SHUT UP GARRY!" I yelled at him, he just laughed at me. "I'm sorry about him" i said. "It's okay the lads is also teasing me". He said. "So did you want to do anything today?"he asked. I'm sorry i have to look after a kid and i'm thinking about if i should look after Garry too because he is really acting like a kid" i said Garry seem to hear it so he came and hugged my leg. "Seriously he is hugging my leg right now. Garry stop hugging my leg, it's fine without you hugging it!" I said. I could hear Harry laugh at us. "It's not something to laugh about,i'm thinking about grounding him." Garry started 'crying' "i dont wanna be grounded!" He yelled. "Stop that!" I said but also laughing at how much a fool he looked like. "Sounds like you could use some help?" Harry said. "Yes i would really appreaciate if you would come help me" i said. "Well i'll be there in a minute"said "see you" i said hanging up.

I had to babysitt a Girl on my street, that i had forgotten all about until Harry asked me to hangout. Well that was gonna be craisy.

So guys what do you think hope you liked this chapter, it was a little different. Thank you for favoriting.

The storm turned out being an orcan, i'm freaking out last time that happend in Denmark was 14 years ago put luckily it's over now!

Thank you for favoriting and commenting i love Reading them.<3 kik me if you want to @lovephotos3

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