The journey.

I Think you realise how bad you miss it when it's all
You have to try and process that you've lost everything , and quite
Frankly you can't change it.
You would give everything and anything to get it back..
But somehow that's never good enough.


1. The day I realised...

June 8th 2014 I awoke to the sound of nature , the hot air stuck too me as I emerged from my pit. Seeking more I walked to the shower and let the hot water wash away the pain i felt. I got dressed in a black pair of skinny jeans and a White T-shirt and towel dried my curls . I grabbed my boots and phone and grabbed a banana as a walked out the door . Kissing the picture of the person I longed for the most.


I picked up my phone and answered it my mouth full of banana "Harry i.... Paul said we need to go back on tour , we need to talk about it can you meet us at Starbucks in 5" it was Louis .. His voice had changed be seamed distant and cold I could tell he felt my pain in his voice.

I hung up and walked to star bucks not even bothering to say okay. I have lost myself since she left me I feel like giving up , I feel cold and distant and the aching pain is still in my heart beating the same rhythm won't go away what ever I try. I tried moving on too and sleeping with other women but nobody could take away my love I still had for her .

10mins later-

"HARRY" screaming Louis , Niall, Liam and Zayn in unison as they dragged me into a bear hug.

"what" I growled backing away.

"Harry we .. " said Zayn

I stopped him before he could continue .

"it dose not matter what you are what dose is the fact she's gone and I'm blaming you if ou say another word" I snapped

"follow us" said Niall breaking the awkwardness

we walked over to Paul who was sitting at a table waiting .

"It's been awhile Harry how are you?" Said Paul

I rolled my eyes and sat down "what dose it look like " I spat

"now Harry I see you are upset but please keep that too yourself" Paul said

"I quit" I spat and walked out


"I don't care" I yelled and ran as fast as a could

About 10mins later I was tired an began to slow down I turned around to see if they where still following me when I bashed into this girl .

"I'm sorry ,Can u help you up?"

I grabbed her hand and pulled her up , damn she was beautiful.

"I'm sorry your wet let me help , follow me " I grabbed her hand and we walked back to my flat.

"I'm sorry I walked into you" I tear slipped her eye.

"It was me I was the one who was running " I looked at her she looked so perfect but how could someone so perfect be so broke it didn't seam right.

"I'm Harry " I smiled my cheesy grin I had been hiding for so long.

"Bethany" she smiled and wiped her eyes.

"So where do you live I can drop you home in my car after we grab some spare clothes and a towel , are you hungry" I asked eagerly hoping she would say yes .

" I don't actually have a home ... I live on the streets" she started crying even more as she looked at the ground.

"You can stay with me Bethany it's the least I can do besides your beautiful ! I would like to become friends!"

"Thanks Harry" she jumped into my arms as we embraced a warm tight hug that I had been longing for .. I had been waiting for it for so long and finally it Happened I forgot about the past . Nothing was going to stop me Harry styles is back bitchs. Oh and I'm better than ever!

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