The journey.

I Think you realise how bad you miss it when it's all
You have to try and process that you've lost everything , and quite
Frankly you can't change it.
You would give everything and anything to get it back..
But somehow that's never good enough.


2. Taking her home<3

*Harrys pov*

"Let's go inside it's cold tonight" We walked inside and I put the heating on and started walking to my bedroom She followed me through the house.

"Nice place" she smiled

"Ahah thanks follow me"

We walked into my bedroom where I grabbed a pair of track suit bottoms and a black T-shirt and a fresh pair of pants and laid it on the bed.

I grabbed some clean towels from the wardrobe and handed them to Bethany.

"Here go take a shower through that door" I pointed at the door.

"the shampoo and body wash and stuff is in the draws take your time ill go make food" I turned the shower on for her and walked down stairs.

"Thanks harry" she screamed.

I think that was the day it changed me , the day I found myself again.

The day everything changed.


the door bell rang and I quickly ran to it before Bethany heard I grabbed the pizza from the man and placed it on the table and covered the box with a towel. I grabbed to glasses of coke and some ice and put the on the table with some plates. Suddenly Bethany walked down the stairs towel drying her hair she looked hot in my clothes.

"you look hot in that" I winked

she laughed

"So what did you cook chef" She smiled.

"here allow me " I sat her on her chair and tucked her in.

"why thank yu sir" She giggled

"Bon appetite " I said pulling up the towel and she laughed hysterically.

"what don't you like pizza" I asked kind of hurt and scared

"No I knew you couldn't cook styles" she giggled.

I smiled She is perfect.

We finished our pizza and I cleaned up why she washed up for me , we walked upstairs into my room and she got into bed why I turned the tv on.

"don't mind if I do" I jumped into bed with her tickling her.

Her laugh was so cute.

Half way through Nemo she fell asleep and I lay down cuddling her and fell asleep too<3

Everythings so Perfect<3


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