The Coaches Daughter (English Football Romance)

Ismei is the coaches daughter. Her dad, Joe Smith, runs an under 10's football team. Ismei and her best friend, Amie, decide to go to the final match of the season. But little did Ismei know that the under 10's football match would get her a new boyfriend.
Ismei is the coaches daughter.


2. Cherry and Louisiana.

To improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often - Winston Churchill

'Hello, I'm Cherry.' She said with a grin.

I stared at dad. He was looking all star eyed at Cherry. I couldn't help myself, I had to do it, I just had to!

'Who in my dead mothers name are you and why in you in my house! You can't take my dad as yours, Mum is the only women for him! You can't, you can't, YOU CANT! ' I screamed. I sounded Oliver when he was having a strop when he was younger. The only difference is, mum would hug him, he would weep into her shoulder, and then they would have a mum-and-me chat in Oliver's room. 

But mum wasn't here to hug me, let me weep into her shoulder, or have a mum and me chat.

I was on my own.

Everyone, even Oliver, glared at me with disappointment. I couldn't take it anymore, I ran upstairs and into my room, but I swift halted at the decorative door way. 

A girl, perhaps my age, was sitting on the top bunk of my bunk beds, which was my bunk. Her pink and purple hair was resting on my New York pillow, and when she heard me come in, she shot up and glared at me. 

'Who are you?' She asked suspiciously.

'I should be asking you that, considering your the wierdo who is over taking my room.' I retaliated.

'There must be a mistake, this is my new room. Mum told me.' 

'Well, if your mum told you that then she is a liar,' I said, circling around her as she launched herself from the top bunk to the floor, 'And this has been my room since I was 13. So I suggest you leave.'

'Oh, so your Ismei...' 

i honestly felt like punching her right in her pale skinny face.

'Yes, I'm Ismei. And you are... Not getting the top bunk.' I said, straight forward as possible.

'I'm Louisiana, your new step sister. And fine, you can have the top bunk, just make sure you don't break it and fall on me...' 

Wow. The lowest of the lows. She just called me fat. Wow. 

When mum died, I didn't want to eat anything. I was anorexic until I was 14, then I had to stop. I had fell down off the wall I usually sat on at school, and because of my skeletal figure, I had broken my leg. I was sitting there for 2 whole hours unable to move until someone found me and rang an ambulance. I was then told I had to start eating or I would die. I replied with the fact that I wanted to die, to see mum. But then I felt the pain dad and Oliver would be going through and I started eating relatively normally again. I still wasn't completely better.

'Oh, it's on bitch.' I said.

---------------Authors note---------------

so, after re-writing this chapter five times because my iPad decided not to work, I think this was the best one, which is good.

I sense some sibling rivalry between Ismei and Louisiana! What do you guys think? What should they do? What should happen? Should they fight or argue? Comment to let me know!

And as always, comment favourite and like!


Angel xx

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