Obsessed. (Bieber)

"What do you want from me?" she asked as her eyes finally met mine, I licked my lips giving her a small smile, "I just want you to love me.."

It's about Biebeeeer, u know ;-)


8. Chapter 8.

Jason McCann.

I turned into the plaza taking a couple of glances at the beautiful beauty sitting a few feet away from  as she leaned against the window, enjoying the view of the busy streets and lights, watching the sun slowly set as all kinds of people walked along minding their own business. I removed the keys as I sat back in my seat, licking my lips.

"Are you sure about this, Ileana?"

I asked, taking her hand and rubbing her knuckles snapping her out of her gaze as she moved her dark brown eyes towards mine.
She looked at the place before giving me a small smile and nodding.

"Yeah, I really want this, and afterwards, can we pretty please go to Pet-Co?"

She asked cupping her hands underneath her chin and giving me her adorable puppy eyes, sticking out her lower lip. The whole face wasn't necessary, she just had to ask, and I'd give in saying yes. Besides this, I had doubts. I wasn't even sure if this was even a good idea, but what my baby wants, my baby gets.

"Course' baby, you don't have to ask."

I reminded her. She gave me a small smile making my heart flutter. I was glad that she's warming up to me slowly, soon enough she'll start to love me. I hope.

I got out of my car shutting the door and walking over to Ileana's side, pulling her out as I protectively wrapped an arm around her waist leaning down close to her ear.

"Don't run away, I'll find you."

I felt her become tense and heard her slightly gulp before nodding as we walked into Deadly Ink, sighing I took a seat on one of the bean bags watching as Ileana took a seat on the one next to me even though I wanted her to be seated on my lap.

"Yo, McCann, another one bro?"

I stood up giving Pauly a handshake. Peauly owns Deadly Ink, he usually does all my tattoo's. He's a pretty cool guy, he'll help with the gang by bringing in more members if I need any. Wich I don't, but the more, the merrier.

"Nah man, my girlfriend wants to get her tounge pierced."

I explained to him, he nodded raising an eyebrows as I cringed at the thought of seeing Ileana go through pain, but she really wanted it. I couldn't say no to her cute little face, it'd break my heart. He knew Ileana wasn't actually my girlfriend, the whole gang knew, they know I was/am crazy about her. I had people watching her every move when I couldn't. How I wish I could actually call her my official girlfriend.

"Alright, come back here Ileana, you too bro, if you want."

He said as he grabbed the clipboard almost handing it too her, but then quickly shook his head putting it back. He lowered the seat a little for her so she could reach. She didn't seem the slightest bit scared maybe a bit nervous. Ileana has a belly piercing and a lip piercing but for some reason she removed it when I took her. She also has one tattoo, one giant dream catcher on her side that I find incredibly sexy.

I watched as Pauly cleaned the needle's, taking glances at Ileana every so often making me glare at him.

"Where exactly?"

He asked her, she raised her eyebrows.

"The snake eye's, y'know at the tip of my tounge."

He nodded as he walked closer to her, making me grab her hand as she squeezed mine, reassuring me that she was fine, but I couldn't help, but worry. He grabbed the tongs, making her tounge stick out, as he drew two dots at the tip of her tounge.


He asked one last time, making her nod. I felt her palms become a bit sweaty, I looked away as I felt Ileana slightly jump and groan.

"All done."

He yelled, removing the tongs from her tounge and screwing the piercing in, handing her a small mirror so she could look at. A small smile tugged at the coner of her mouth as he handed her a glass of water to rinse the little blood coming out.

"I'm gonna give you some sea salt spray, use it everday, don't swap spit with anybody for about three weeks, and don't eat spicy stuff, alright?"

He informed as she nodded giving me a hug, leaning up to me ear.

"Thanks Jason."

She kissed me cheek making me almost die right there on the spot at the feelings of her lips on my skin. I gave her a small smile as I handed Pauly the money, as I walked out of the shop holding the door open for her.

"Anything for you, baby."
And by anything, I mean anything.

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