Obsessed. (Bieber)

"What do you want from me?" she asked as her eyes finally met mine, I licked my lips giving her a small smile, "I just want you to love me.."

It's about Biebeeeer, u know ;-)


5. Chapter 5.

Ileana Renee.

I quietly walked out of the bathroom only to be pushed against a wall. I looked up seeing the eyes of my kidnapper no longer a beautiful honey brown, they were pitch black as he held my wrists above my head to keep me from moving.

"Are you gonna fucking listen to me now?"

He practically growled at me, his face only a few inches away from mine as his jaw was locked tight in anger. My wrists starting to hurt from how tight he was holding them. I stayed quiet.

"Look at me when I'm fucking talking to you, Ileana."

He said grabbing my chin making me look at him in his dark eyes filled with anger. He pressed his lower body on mine making my breath hitch in my throat as he smirked satisfaction.


I answered, afraid that this wierdo might kill me.

"I'm not gonna deal with your little temper tantrums and all you have to do is listen to me, and if not; you'll be punished."

He said letting go of my wrists as I rubbed them, tears running down my cheeks. I nodded. He sighed, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear and caressing mu cheek as his face inched closer to my neek leaving kisses there making me sob.

"Don't cry baby, I'm not going to hurt you."

He said looking into my eyes before lifting me up bridal style setting me onto his bed getting both of us under the covers.

There I was, being held against my will in the arms of my kidnapper who is obessed with me.


I woke up strecthing and moaning a little to loud as I heard the guy's voice outside the bedroom door. Believe it or not, but I actually slept well. He officially scares the living shit out of me after being to rough with me last night.

He walked in, walking over to me removing my hands from my eyes.

"Don't rub your eyes, it's bad."

He slowly let go of my hands as if he didn't want to. I sighed loudly, stretching earning a few pops.

"You moan alot in your sleep, Ileana."

He said looking at me with a smirk. I felt my cheeks flush knowing my face turned red,

"I-I'm s-sorry."

I stammered. He shook his head as he opened his mouth to speek once again.

"Your stuff is downstairs, want me to bring it up?"

He offered with a small smile on his face showing his dimples. I began to get of the bed only to have him to push me down by my shoulders,

"No baby, you're my princess. I'll do everything, just stay here."

He paused, pursing his lips as I furrowed my eyesbrows confused.

"Actually, get ready, I have a meeting princess."

He informed me leaving a kiss on my forehead before leaving the room. I sighed loudly,

Great, now I'm treated like a fucking baby?

I don't even know his name yet, he knows everything about me. I have to get out of here, one way or another.

Jason McCann.

"Yeah, in about 20 minutes.

I said as I watched Ileana walk down the stairs right past me. I grabbed her arm, shaking my head causing her to forrow her eyebrows in the cutest way ever.

"I'll call you back Tyler."

I hung up licking my lips as I stared at Ileana who looked gorgeous.

"You can't wear that, not around my gang."

My over-protective side coming out. She blinked at me once as she shoved her hands into her high waisted shorts.

"Who not?"

She naively asked.

"Because baby, you look sex- beautiful and they're going to be all over you, and you're mine."

I told her. She kept a straight face on as her finger twitched. I knew the anger was bubbling up inside of her, maybe I should tell her there's a punching bag in the gym before she uses me as one.

"Do you trust me?"

She asked walking into the kitchen fixing herself a sandwich. I shook my head.

"Well shit.. I don't know, but I won't try anything with your gang.. uh, Mason, right?"

My heart broke into pieces when she spoke. She doesn't even know my name. She split her sandwich in half handing me the other side as I gave her a small smile.

"Let's go, Ileana."

The entire car ride Ileana kept asking me questions, curios who were kidnapper was.

"How old are you?"

She finally asked.


I knew she's young, 17 and barely a senior not even legal yet, but I didn't care at all. My heart was pounding with happiness and love.
There she is, the love of my life, sitting a few inches away from me, in my car. Actually talking to me. I know she's scared.. but eventually. And I pray every night, that she'll learn to love me.


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