Obsessed. (Bieber)

"What do you want from me?" she asked as her eyes finally met mine, I licked my lips giving her a small smile, "I just want you to love me.."

It's about Biebeeeer, u know ;-)


4. Chapter 4.

Jason McCann

"I just want you to love me.."

I said as I looked at her trying to grab her hand only to have her punch me in the stomach, before banging on the window, yelling as if people could hear her.

"You're a sick bastard!"

She yelled looking right into my eyes. Chlenching my jaw, I pulled over towards the side of the empty road slammin my door shut as I jogged around to the trunk hearing Ileana cursing loudly. I pulled out a needle from my bag as I un-locked the passenger door, I held her down by wrapping my large hands around her neck as if I was trying to stop her from breathing. I wouldn't ever do that to the love of my life. I stuck the needle into her arm injecting her,

"You mother-fucker!"

She yelled before falling limp in my hand. I licked my lips as I kissed her forehead slamming the door shut, muttering profanities to myself. I knew she'd put up a fight, and she's just starting.

I began driving looking at Ileana every so often, making sure she didn't wake up. I felt more relaxed now that I had taken my one and only girl. She would be mine now forever and nobody can change that. Nobody. Nobody would even think of breathing on her, when they now she's mine. If they do; They'll die. Nobody thouches my Ileana. Expect me.

I'm a proud leader of a gang that is spread across the entire world, and they all look up to me. We're capable of things you can't even imagine, so messing with me isn't the best thing to do. I only talk to about 10 people that are very high ranked in my gang, the rest are just members and recruited from people that do it for me. I have about 11,000 gang members all the way from Canada to American, to England, and even to Alaska! I'm in charge of every single person, so if I tell them to do something; they'll do it. And if they don't, they die. I don't have time for non-senses. But with my baby around, I'll make sure to give her everything she wants. 
Anything she asks for; I'll give it to her. Ileana is my everything. I'm just dying to know what she really likes.

I know the Ileana that feels like she's being watched or is always thinking or with her slutty friends, but I want to know who she really is. All I ask from her, is for her to love me.

Ileana Renee.

My eyes fluttered open when I heard the car door being opened slowly. The wierdo leaned over un-clicking my seat belt before scooping me up carrying me into the mansion. My head was throbbing and I couldn't think of anything to say for once. I took time to notice that - if he wasn't the biggest creep in the world - that he's very handsome. He has gorgeous, thick brown hair that was styled into a quiff, his golden honey eye color could make any girls heart melt, his skin was suprisilingy smooth and slighty tanned. Plus, his muscles were bulging from his jacket telling me that he probably worked out in his sparetime, when he wasn't stalking me. He knew everything about me and I had no idea what his name is.

He slowly sat me down as my eyes wondered all over the house. To my surprise it was nicely decorated wich I didn't expect at all from this stalker, it seems like he's actually has nice taste. Not only decorating, but the way he dresses.

"This is your new home, princess."

He said, I bit my lip to keep myself from cursing at him.

I'll admit, I'm terrified of him.The way he held me in a choke hold back in the car, it seemed as if his eyes went pitch black and it scared the shit out of me. He's taller, stronger and possibly smarter. I've seen way to many movies about this kind of stuff and running away won't do me any good. He'll probably find me.

"C'mon, our room is upstairs."


Oh fuck. Are you serious? I have to share a room with this possibly pervert? As I walked infront of him, I removed my lip-piercing shoving it into my jean pocket. It's just a bad idea to have something that can easily be ripped out when you're around a violent person.

"Why'd you take it off, baby girl?"

He asked, trying to make somewhat eye contact with me. I shrugged my shoulders earning a sigh from him as he opened the door to his him. My mouth gaped open as I stared at the room wich was nothing like i expected. He took a seat on the bed as I stared at a picture of me that was next to his bed side table.

I felt my heart pound harder in my chest.

"Wh-what ab-about my c-clothes?"

I hate that I stutter so much, it shows that I'm weak. I had just gotten over that problem then this psycho phat had to come into my life. He slightly chucked as if I was amusing him.

"I'll order it."

He paused pursing his lips as he was trying to remember something. I stared at his pink luscious lips that looked so soft.

"Pascun, Forever 21, American Apparel, Steve Madden, Abercrombie, Victoria Secret. Am I right?"

He named every single one of my favorite store making my eyes widen. I slowly nodding, not being able to say anything,
"You're a 3 and 5 in jeans, medium shirts, size 9 shoes.. I'm sorry baby, but I need to know you're, y'know."

He cut himself short not wanting to sound creppy, but he already crossed that line a long time ago. He pointed towards my chest area, I licked my lips.


I managed to say. He gulped loudly as he tore his eyes away from me pressing his phone to his ear as he walked out of the bedroom. Escaping wouldn't help me at all. We're far from the city, who knows what city we're even in. He'd catch me, and maybe even kill me. Back in the car, before he injected me, he said he just wants me to love him.

How could I possibly ever love somebody like him?

"I have some rules for you, Ileana."

I cut him short, releasing my inner bitch.

"Rules?! Are you fucking serious?!"

I yelled feeling my fitch clench ready to throw a couple of punches, my face becoming red with anger.

"Don't your raise your voice at me."

He warned.

If he knew so much about me, he should know that I have anger issues and that I'll usually end up crying because that's how frustrated I get.

"I can do whatever the fuck I want! You took me, and you're a fucking creep! It's not normal to stalk somebody and fall in love with them!"

I yelled. In less than a second his honey brown eyes turned pitch black as he charged me. I ran into the bathroom slamming the door in his face quickly locking it. His fist pounded on the door and I was more than sure, that he would break the door down, then kill me.

But he didn't. I could hear him throwing a litter tempter tantrum muttering immature words to himself. He has anger issues too, maybe even bi-polar.

Why did God decide to put me in this situation?


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