Obsessed. (Bieber)

"What do you want from me?" she asked as her eyes finally met mine, I licked my lips giving her a small smile, "I just want you to love me.."

It's about Biebeeeer, u know ;-)


2. Chapter 2.

Ileana Renee.
I walked into my room, sighing as I shut door. I flopped down on my bed, kicking my combat boots off as I felt my phone vibrate.

"Blocked Number: Glad you got home safe baby"

I rolled my eyes and threw my phone to the side hearing it buzz once again, but I decided to ignore it. For over a month now I've been getting these wierd texts saying creppy stuff. I felt my lips become dry and my palms sweat as thoughts of this obsessed wierdo came into my head. I always felt as if someone was watching me, I've been feeling like that for a while now.

I've seen movies like this. Maybe, I should tell someone, but what if it's just somebody messing with me? Whoever it is either a jerk or has a serious mental issues.

"Hey Ana"
I heard my younger brother, Aaron without even bothering to knock. I raised my eyebrow mentally thanking him for snapping me out of my thoughts. I hummed in response, he licked his lips like he usually does when he's nervous. Something he got from me.

"Can you drive me to the movies tomorrow? I have a date-"

I cut him off not wanting to hear about the girl of the week. I gave a him a smile before nodding waving him off, but he just stood there staring at me, as he was trying to read my thoughts.

"Are you alright?"

He asked sitting next to me, I licked my lips as I looked into his eyes, giving him a reassuring smile.

"Yes, now go and talk to her."

I teasingly said, he chuckled before messing up my hair and closing my door shut. I fell back onto my bed letting out a groan as I heard my phone buzz again.

Suddenly the thought hit me, tomorrow night i'd be alone. My parents are going to Mexico for a week and my little brother will be out with his girlfriend instead of staying here, since he's grounded.  I haven't been home alone for awhile, not since this stranger started to texting me. I doubt he'd try anything.. or whoever it is. What would they want from a 17 year old girl?

I played with my lip piercing something I always did when I was nervous or just in deep thought then again, it's as if I was always thinking.

My phone buzzed again snapping me out of thoughts making me yell in anger, I grabbed it, but sighed in relief seeing it was only Camille.

"Camille: Omg! Tony asked me out, I can't even deal right now!"

I chuckled to myself as I read the text, seeing the girls replying in the group message as my anger died down. I've had anger issues for about two years now where I'd just blow up and throw stuff for some odd reason, and this wierdo isn't helping at all.

What do they want from me? I'm not pretty, I haven't done anything bad for people to stalk me. For Christ sake's, I'm just a 17 year old senior, a normal teenage girl!


Jason McCann

I watched as she pulled the curtains together, no longer giving me a full view of her pink room, that was filled with pictures and posters. I licked my lips, resting my head on the steering wheel as I felt my jaw clench.

She's driving me insane and she has no idea how much I love her, or who I am. I grabbed my phone,  my fingers quickly moving over the letters as I sent her another text message.

"Goodnight beautiful. <3"

Pressing send as I watched the blue bubble saying delivered. I watched her lights turn on as she pulled the curtains apart. I slouched in my seat as she looked outside her window, my baby looked scared, something I rarely see in her.

I smiled as I drove down the street, thinking about out future together.




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