Obsessed. (Bieber)

"What do you want from me?" she asked as her eyes finally met mine, I licked my lips giving her a small smile, "I just want you to love me.."

It's about Biebeeeer, u know ;-)


11. Chapter 11.

Ileana Renee.

I felt his lips leaving butteflies kisses at my collarbones as his hands ran up and down from my hips to my bare waist, and mine rested on his muscular arms.

"You're so beautiful.."

He trailed off; pulling away taking time to look at me as I sat there, straddling him in my cheetah bra and black lace thong.
I bit my lip feeling the heat not only ruch to my cheeks but to my entire body. His lips connected with my neck, sucking on my weak spot as I tangled my fingers in his hair feeling our lower bodies beginning to grind together.


I sat up in bed, breathing fast and hard with my eyes wide open.

"Ileana, what's wrong?"

I shut my eyes tight as I heard Jasons groggy voice (wich I found incredibly sexy) I turned around seeing he was wearing his sweatpants with no shirt, and his hair wasn't messed up. I looked down at myself seeing I was wearing bikers and a T-shirt. Thank God. I sighed in relief.

Fourth fucking time. I've had the same dream ever since I saw the intruder wich was six days ago. Why that dream? I don't know honestly. I'll admit it, like I have before, Jason is gorgeous, he really is. Ever since the incident, he hasn't let me out of his sight besides to go to the bathroom; wich he'll wait outside for me. It's starting to get to me. I know he's worried that I might have another freak out, but c'mon, really? Maybe the cause of those dreams is because of all the time I'm forced to be with him or maybe I feel lust-

No Ileana, don't even think about it.


He repeated. I shook my head snapping myself out of my own thoughts, I licked my dry lips.

"Sorry.. it was just a bad dream."

I lied again. I felt kind of bad saying it was a bad dream when to me, it was the total opposite. He sighed as he caressed my back, I don't even pull away from his touch anymore for some odd reason.


He asked, concern lacing through his voice. God, why must his voice sounds so sexy right now? I just nodded as I glanced at the time, 4:35 am. Same time the dream always happens, at 4 in the freaking morning. I sighed as I rubbed my eyes hearing Jason lay back down, yawning. I took a glance at him seeing him with his arms wide open. Without him even asking/forcing me, I crawled into his arms resting my head on his chest with my hands under my chin. I looked at him through my thick eyelashes seeing a lazy smile on his face before his lips connected with my forehead.

"Goodnight, Ileana."

I mumbled something I couldn't quite understand before drifting off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning thinking I was alone in bed but, like always I was wrong. At the edge of the bed, sat Jason, already dressed and showered as he quitly spoke on the phone.

"I didn't fucking ask you, Ryan, shut the fuck up, no! Because I am not leaving her home alone for the fucking races. Bye."

Races? I've always wanted to go to that kind of stuff. It's so odd how he's rude to everybody and doesn't give a fuck about anything, but with me; he's not like that at all. Just like Marie said.. "Sweetie, Jason has never been like this, only once, but not even close. He's a bad boy, I'll admit it, with everyone else he has these walls and it quite an asshole, but with you, honey.. it's so different, it's crazy.."

I sighed as I remembered her words making Jasons head turn towards me, giving me a small smile,

"Get ready, I'm taking you out for breakfast, babe."

He said, not giving me choice at all. I held back my sigh as I stood up walking towards the bathroom, to enjoy the little alone time I had.


"Where do you wanna eat?"

He asked, as he took a quick glance at me as we sped down the road in his Ferrari. There's nothing more that I love that being in a car that's moving and hearing music, sounds wierd, I know; but I'm into all that stuff.

I licke my lips as I shrugged my shoulders, leaning my head against the window trying my best not to look at him.

"Doesn't matter."

And it didn't matter to me. I just wanna be alone. I'm tired of him treating me like a baby all the time, or all the sweetness get to me.
I mean, yeah, I'm going to admit it, it's cute but.. I don't even know. My thoughts are so mixed up that I can't even seem to think straight. I heard Jason sigh, as he took a sharp turn into the freeway. If you were to see his house, you'd never think a criminal lived there. He lived about 30 minutes from the city into the woods, up a tall road and there was his beautiful mansion.

I took a quick look at Jason, taking in all his features. I didn't think guys like him were even real, so handsome. He has his flawless but that makes him even more attractive and that fact that he's a huge bad boy makes him ten time sexier to me.

I felt my door open making me snap out of my thoughts as I felt the heat rise to my cheeks feeling Jasons arm wrap around my waist leading me into a Diner. The smell of coffee and pancakes hit my nostrils causing a smile to come onto my face. I've always loved Diner's for some reason.

I took a seat in the booth, and for fucks sake, why did Jason had to sit across from me? Giving me a perfect view of him.

"So, are you going to the races?"

I asked, as Jason sipped on his coffee.

"You were awake?"

He asked, his jaw tightening as his eyes met mine. I slowly nodded my head, as he cleared his throat.

"Well, no.. I am not leaving you alone-"

"Take me with you."


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