Obsessed. (Bieber)

"What do you want from me?" she asked as her eyes finally met mine, I licked my lips giving her a small smile, "I just want you to love me.."

It's about Biebeeeer, u know ;-)


10. Chapter 10.

Jason McCann.

I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket, I held my finger up as Tony put the gun down away from the tied up man who was letting out muffled cries.

"This better be fucking important, James.. Ileana what?! I'll be right there."

I said shoving my phone into my pocket. I looked at Tony nodding as I began to walk out of the building hearing the gun shot in the background ending the man's life. I felt my fists clench and un-clench at the thought of Ileana being scared and comforted by James instead of me. Apparently there was an intruder. If only that sonofabitch would have touched her, he would have had another thing coming. He has no idea who she belongs too. I sped down the freeway taking sharp turns as I ran my fingers through my hair messing up my quiff.

God, I'm so fucking stupid for leaving Ileana alone with James. Yes, of course, I left my angel with 300 guards standing outside my house filled with weapons and ammo aside from James. What? You can never be to careful. I shouldn't have left. Tony could have done this by himself!

I pulled up along the dirt road as I hit the brakes making my body lunge forward as I stepped out of the car slamming the door shut. I ran up the steps and unlocked the door walking past the guards. 
Inside the house, there were guards searching the place for any clues as to if someone was inside. I ran up the stair case that seemed endless as I heard Ileana's sobs. I opened the bedroom door seeing Ileana wrapped up in James' arms.

In an instant, I pushed him away and I was at her side hoisting her onto my hip as if she was a child, as her arms clung to my neck.

"What's wrong, princess?"

I asked as she tried to control her breathing to explaing what happened. She shakily raised her hand and pointed towards the balcony as she begang to cry again.

"Baby, there's nothing there."

I tried to reassure her as she shook her head, knowing I was lying to her. I kissed her temple as her breathing slowed down, but the hiccups were still there. My poor baby, she isn't used to any of this stuff. I glared at the men around me who were holding huge weapons that Ileana has probably never seen in her life besides in GTA. They quickly walked out, leaving her an me alone.

"T-There was someone there, Jay."

She said, I sort of smiled at the nickname she gave me but my smile quickly wore off as I shushed her again. I lifted her head up a little making her look out onto the balcony as James and two other men were standing there pretending nothing was wrong.

"Look, Ileana, there's nothing."

She didn't seem convinced. I sighed, as I cleared my throat.

"Meeting now."

I yelled inching my mouth away from Ileana's ear as she flinched. I tried setting her down onto the bed but she wouldn't let go of her death grip on my neck.

"Ileana, baby, I need to talk to the guys, I'll be back-"

I whispered softly, trying to pry her hands from my neck wich didn't work at all. She looked at me with her adorable eyes that had a hint of gloss in them as tears still fall from her eyes.

"Jason, please don't leave me alone again."

She said on the verge of sobbing again wich made my heart shatter. Shit Jason, do something. I don't want her to hear anything that we talk about in out meetings, shit she's never been into the room. At least not this one. I picked her back up as I grabbed a small blanket, and my iPhone with my beats. I walked out of the room and down the stairs holding her bridal style as I gently put the ear buds into her ears turning up Wrecking Ball on full blast, so she wouldn't hear anything.

As I walked in everybody was seated waiting for me to arrive. I sat down on my recliner at the top of the table, with a half asleep Ileana in my arms. James looked at me and the sleepy girl in my arms.

"Boss, we need to talk.."

He awkwardly said, his eyes giving a quick glance a way of telling me that she shouldn't hear any of this or be here. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well fucking talk. She tired and I'm not leaving her alone again,"

I snapped. To be honest, I just wanted to go upstairs and lay down with Ileana. Words cannot describe how happy I am because she's in my arms without it having to be forced. She buried her head more into my chest making me heart beat faster as her eyes fluttering open looking up towards me, she gave me a small, and by small, I mean small, smile. I felt a huge smile tug at my lips as I looked at her. 
She had no idea that we were talking about an intruder being in the house, or how much new security cameras we would need, or anything. She was oblivious. I played with her hair as I explained to the gang to keep their eyes out for anything suspicious.

I dare anybody to even lay a finger on her so they can see the hell I wil raise.



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