Secrets *Slow updating*

Read it and you will find out ;)


7. Chapter 6

My phone started to ring, why this early? I answered.

"Hello?" I said in a sleepy voice

"Hi....Sorry if I woke you up...can we met up in 30 minutes?" Niall said

"Yeah sure, bye." I said and hung up....Wow what a great friend I am...Not! I looked like this today:

I ran out of the house with my skateboard and I had took my foundation on my arm.

"Hi!" I said when I saw Niall walked out of their house

"Hi!" He said

"Shall we get going?" I said

"Yeah sure." He said and smiled 

"How are we going to get there?" I said

"How about a bus?" Niall said

"Yeah sure, I will pay." I said

"No it´s okay." He said

"I get much money every day Niall." I said

"But I ca-" He started but I cut him of

"I will pay." I said and now he didn´t say something more about that.

"Okay let´s go then." He said and we started to walk

*Skipping to when they came to London*

"Okay now we are in piccadilly circus!" I said 

"Yay now we can take photos!" Niall said

"I don´t like being in photos." I said

"Well....Then be in those photos even if you don´t like being in photos." Niall said..:Wait that was really confusing...

"Okay then..." I said and he did a fist pump in the air....Okay..?

"Let´s take some!" He said and picked out his camera from his backpack. We posed in many photos....It was pretty fun...OKay who am I kidding....It was fun! I HAD FUN! 

"See it´s fun!" He said and smiled I nodded and smiled

"Let´s go and take a bus to london eye!" He said 

"Okay!" I said and we walked to the next bus stop and after a while we sat on the bus and after like 20 minute we were at London eye. 

"Let´s go!" Niall said and we ran of the bus and then to the que and there weren't many people so we got on fast.

"More pictures on us really Niall?" I said when Niall took up his camera from his backpack

"Who said it was on us?" he smirked

"I don´t know but I thought that was what you were doing...." I said 

"Okay." He said and smiled and took a picture on the view. It´s beautiful! 

"It´s really beautiful!" I said he turned around and smiled

"I know." He said 

*After 7 hours in London*

"Oh god we should head home now." I said when we came to a train station

"Yeah that´s a good idea." He said and we saw our train came so we ran and got on it and then the train started to drive then I saw a person I don´t want to see home or anywhere. Dad.

A/N I`M SORRY FOR A LATE UPDATE! OKAY?! But it stands Slow updating and I´m sorry for the end.....Heheh thank Neha for that one ;) 


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