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6. Chapter 5

"Ummm wake up Lilly." Someone said, where am I? I opened my eyes and there were Niall...Wait what? Oh I remember now! I SAID MY BIGGEST SECRET! FUUUUCK!!

"Niall...Ehh just forget about what happened yesterday." I said

"How?!" He snapped, he is in pissy mood today....

"How can you not just forget it?!" I snapped back

"Because I said the biggest secret to someone I barley now!" He said really angry

"Well me to! why don´t forget it then?" I said 

"Because I want to be friend with you...." He mumbled. WAIT WHAT?! why do someone want to be friend with me?!

"Why do you want to be friend with me?" I said and raised a eyebrow 

"Well you are really funny and I like hanging out with you." He said

"Ehh sure...." I said, he just heard about me and my family of course he needed to say that....Lies

"So where do we start?" He said awkwardly

"I don´t know...I don´t have real friend...." I said and looked down on my wrist ad regretted it and looked up again

"Well let´s start with that you have to change clothes and take some foundation on that wrist." Niall said I nodded

"But your shirt was kinda bloody so I washed it....And it´s done now." He said 

"Thank you." I said and walked to were my stuff were and walked in in the bathroom and changed back to my clothes and found the foundation and took some on my wrist and walked out.

"Okay good.....Umm how about we get to know each other more....Even tho we know each others biggest secrets...." He said

"Yeah sure, But I am hungry..." I said

"Let´s eat." He said and we walked to the kitchen 

"Let´s just eat toasts." Niall said

*After the breakfast*

"So let´s do something." Niall said

"Skate?" I said 

"Ehh I can´t skate...." He said

"Then I can teach you." I said 

"O-okay." He said 

"Do you have a board?" I said

"Yes." He said....Wait he can´t skate but have a skateboard?

"Okay let´s go then." I said and waked and took my backpack and walked back to the kitchen were Niall was with his skateboard

"Let´s go!" He said and smiled

"Wait Niall I have an idea.....I want to dye my hair brown again." I said yes I want to dye my hair brown again 

"Why?" He said

"I don´t want to have this boring hair colour." I said he nodded

"But let´s skate there." I said and we walked to the door

*A few hours later*

"You are good Niall." I said, he have been practicing a lot he is starting to be good

"Thank..." He said 

"We maybe should head home or something.." I said

"I have a crazy idea.....How about we just go to London for some day?" He said...Wait what?! I like it

"Yeah sure." I said

"Good...Umm how are we going to take us there do you think?" He said

"Well we should get going tomorrow so I can pack some stuff and then we can take the train." I said

"Yeah sure, give me your number." He said

"Sure." I said and he gave me his phone and I wrote my number and we started to walk home

"So bye...See you tomorrow it was fun to hang out with you." I said

"Bye. I think it was fun to hang out with you to...I just have some pain from falling." He said and I laughed

"Bye." I said and walked into my house

"Where have you been." Dad said and my smile instantly dropped

"I was at school." I said

"Okay....Where were you this morning?" He said

"Why do you care?" I said

"Well I don´t." He said and walked away, I walked to my room and put my phone on charge

I have to say that I fucking hate my parents....My phone started to ring I answered

"Hello?" I said

"Hi it´s me Niall." He said

"Hi Niall!" I said

"Mmm I thought about what I said....Let´s just make a one day trip to London instead, because the boys is coming tomorrow night." He said

"Yeah sure." I said

"Okay...Bye." He said

"Bye." I said and hung up

Well today I don´t think I will cut.....Goodnight 

A/N I am really tired...Sorry for crappy chapter....But anyways have a good day or whatever it is :)

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