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5. Chapter 4

I sat down on the sidewalk and I couldn't hold it in anymore I broke down into tears and rested my face in my hands and let it all out.....If that´s possible. I haven´t cried in one year....Help me! I have been sitting here in a hour and I haven´t played music because that would just make me feel more sad, if that was possible.

"Lilly?" Someone said and tapped my back

"Yeah?" I said and trying to not sound like I was crying...I failed

"It´s me Niall." Niall said...Oh fuck

"Oh hi." I said and not showing my face

"What are you doing here?" He said

"I would ask the same question to you." I said

"Well I couldn't sleep and just go out for a walk....What´s wrong?" He said

"Oh it´s nothing I should probably get going home." I said and when I was about to walk away he grabbed my waist and looked me in the eyes

"What´s wrong." He said

"Well I´m tired and have to go." I said

"Well something is wrong and I want to help you.....Please say what´s wrong." He said

"I-I-I can´t....I have to go." I said

"Well that´s not the way home." Niall said, well fuck! I can´t say I´m not on my way home, I´m on way to kill myself! Thank you Niall now you destroyed everything

"Yeah but who said I was going home?" I said

"Well I will follow you." He said

"No you don´t." I said

"Yes I will." He said and I started to walk and he walked beside me

"Niall just let me go." I said

"Not until you say were you are going." He said

"Well I just gonna go for a walk." I said

"Then why can´t I follow you?" He said

"I just going to get home." I said 

"Okay let´s go." He said and grabbed my wrist 

"Ouch!" I yelled in pain

"What´s wrong?" He said and looked at me with incorrect eyes

"Oh it´s n-" I stopped it have started bleed....FUCK!!

"What´s happening?" He said and looked down at my wrist 

"Oh I just felt today when I walked down the stairs." I lied

"No it´s not something like that happened when you fall down the stairs." He said WELL FUCK

"Come here the boy´s aren´t home right now they are at their parent´s houses." He said

"Well why aren't you with your family?" I said and we started to walk

"I don´t like being home.....Okay?" He said

"I understand." I said quiet 

"You do?" He said

"Yes." I said and looked down at my feets

"Okay were are here now." He said and opened the door...Now my shirt is destroyed

"Come here." He said and we walked in in a room and it was the bathroom

"We have to fix your arm let me see it." He said

"No." I said and he took my arm and rolled up my shirt 

"H-how often?" He stuttered and looked like he was about to cry

"Different." I said then he did something unexpected he rolled up his own shirt and took water on it and rubbed his arm and walked back to me 

"I did that to." He said my eyes winded he did that to?!

"Did you?" I said

"Yeah but not anymore or not often." He said 

"Why?" I said

"Are you gonna say yours to?" He said

"Okay." I said

"Before I met Louis Liam Zayn and Harry...I didn't have any friend or I was bullied and my parents didn't do anything about it neither the teachers but when I was 15 we moved and then I got to know the other boys." Niall said

"Oh okay......I haven´t told anyone about this.....But my parents and brother just ignores me and when I was younger they used to yell that I was worthless now they don´t even give food to me." I said that was good to get of my chest 

"And don´t tell anyone about it promise?" I said 

"Pinky promise." He said and did the pinky promise 

"And I haven´t told anyone about mine to...It was really good to get it of my chest." He said 

"Same here." I said

"Let´s go and get some sleep and skip school tomorrow." He said

"Yeah sure." I said

"And you take some of my clothes." Niall said when I had some of Niall´s clothes on I was about to fall asleep when i felt Niall lay beside me

"And by the way Niall if you wouldn´t come today....I would have been dead by now..." I said

"W-what?" He said

"You saved my life." I said and then I fell asleep.

A/N NIALL SAVED HER FUCKING LIFE!!! OMG! Here are the update for you guy´s

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