Secrets *Slow updating*

Read it and you will find out ;)


4. Chapter 3

I just woke up and it´s 3 in the morning and now I´m sneaking out I´m wearing this:

You probably wonder what I am going to do...Well I´m going to just skate around and just have fun...with myself and music....MUSIC IS MY LIFE!

Anyways the point is I am outside my house now and I have made it out of the garden walking slowly and quiet away from my house on the road......Okay I can´t see my house now skating time! 

I took my phone and put on my playlist on shuffle and the first song that came up was Boulevard of broken dreams by Green Day...Oh how sarcastic anyways I think I gonna sleep pretty much in school today, or what do you think? I skated away and the next song that came on was Behind blue eyes by Limp Bizkit. I know that I have so sad playlist but you know I am sad so yeah. It might seem that I have fun in school, but the truth is I always walk around with shitty thought and just because I smile don´t mean that I´m happy, it´s like the saying a smiles hide secrets....Secrets walk around with secrets dose not make things easier, I have scars that I hide, I lie about my family, I lie about almost everything! Now My Immortal by Evanescence come on.....HOW SARCASTIC! Oh god.....Anyways I can´t concentrate with skating now. I got of my skateboard and put it in my backpack. I am just wondering why don´t I end it now? I have the chance now....I have to make a decision now. The song brings back flashbacks.


Me mom, dad and James have always been a happy family until the day happened, I was 13 years old. I just came home from school I had a great day. I walked to the living room and mom dad and James was there and when I walked in they all gave me death glares. 

"You are so worthless and ugly!" My dad yelled at me..WHY DID HE DO THAT?! I have no fucking idea

"Yeah no one loves you!" My mom yelled

"Yeah you are a ugly bitch!" My brother yelled I ran into my room and locked it and started to cry.

*Flashback is over*

Then they just did that everyday until I was 15 and then they just ignored me, all they did was give me food and money. Now they just give me money, so yeah....I have done a decision I know if I going to kill myself or not. I gonna do it!

A/N a cliffhanger.....Yay! just kidding! It isn´t fun with cliffhangers *cough* Neha *Cough* Anyways I maybe update later today but no promises...Have a good day! 

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