Secrets *Slow updating*

Read it and you will find out ;)


3. Chapter 2

"WAKE UP NOW LILLY!!!" My mom screamed as she kicked on my door oh shit...

"I´m up now!" I said and ran to my closet and picked out my outfit:

When I had put that on I took on foundation on my arm and face and then I took on mascara. And
I´m ready for school. I walked out of my bathroom and then I took my backpack, skateboard, money and phone. Then I walked out of my room and right out of the house so I don´t see my family. And then Niall Liam Louis zayn and Harry was there ready for school...Don´t see me don´t see me don´t s-

"Hi Lilly!" I heard someone say I turned around and there were Harry

"Hi Harry....What is it?" I said and rolled my eyes

"Well...Do you want to show us around this place or something?" He said

"Well then we have to skip.....I´m up for it." I said

"Well good c'mon let´s go to the other." He said 

"Okay." I said

"Hi Lilly." Liam Zayn Louis and Niall said

"Hi...You know what we are going to do today?" I said

"Nope?" Louis said

"Well I am going to show you around....And we are going to skip some classes not such of a big deal." I said

"What? Not such of a big deal?!" Liam said

"Well I skip a lot and you know Miss Willie`s note on her back yesterday that was me...." I said

"Ohhh that says much." Louis said 

"Why thank you." I said


*Three hours later*

We are on our way to the school now, I have actually had a really good time. I didn't expect that...

"Hello sorry that we are late we was busy...." I said when we came into the history class...Yes I did time it...We are like enemies....It´s funny

"What did you got busy with?" She said

"Not giving a single fuck about school." I said 

"Well what she mean is that she showed us around." Liam said....LIAM! NOOO!

"Well you finally did something good for once." She said

"Well it was fun so yeah but I don´t really give a shit about what your saying." I said

"You have to learn how to speak because you swear a lot." She said

"Why should I listen to you?" I said

"Because I´m your teacher and now you all six have detention because of three hours late to school." She said 

"Well then I have detention buddies." I said and took the note and walked to my seat and just stared at the sealing

"I have never been to detention...."Niall said

"Don´t go on it...I had detention yesterday...Did I see to give a fuck?" I said

"Nope...." Niall said

"No but if you are scared I can go with you guys I have nothing better to do." I said

"Yay!" Niall said

*On detention*

"So you are here, you have missed some detentions." Mr. Carter said

"Yeah I know...But today we have some people that are here for their first time." I said and moved a side from the door and there stood the boys....They weren't mad at me for this....That surprise me.....The boys introduced themselves and we took seats on tables near each other.

"Guys why aren't you mad at me?" I said

"Well you are our friend and we like spending time with you so we can do it more now." Louis said and smiled and so did everyone else and I did to....Not my fake smile this time how?


A/N Awwe! So cute! Who do you ship Lilly with? Let me know :) AND HAVE YOU HEARD STORY OF MY LIFE?! I´M IN LOOOOOVE WITH THAT SONG!!! Anyways have a good day or whatever it is :)

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