Secrets *Slow updating*

Read it and you will find out ;)


2. Chapter 1

"Currently I´m in school on history class. It´s really boring.....Let´s do something hmmmm I have it! I took a paper wrote BITCH on it and put some tape on it and walked to my teacher miss Willie but had the paper behind my back so she couldn't see it. I put it gently on her back without her noticing.

"Hi!" I said when I was done 

"Go and sit on your seat! We are going to have some new students here." She said

"Yeah yeah whatever." I said then I walked back to my seat. Then someone knocked on the door Miss Willie she walked and opened the door then everyone else saw what I had done and laughed.

"Hello I we are new here." A boy said and he had brown hair and brown eyes then their were a group of boy´s behind him.

"Oh welcome in." She said

"Thank you." He said and then our teacher turned around and the boy´s saw the note on her back and started to laugh

"Okay you can say who you are now." She said

"Okay I´m Liam." Liam said....Ehh no shit

"I´m Harry." The curly haired on said

"I´m Louis."The boy with brown hair and blue grey eyes said

"I´m Zayn." The boy with black hair said

"And I´m Niall." The boy with blond with brown rots and blue eyes said

"Welcome take a seat but not beside each other." She said

"Okay then:" They said and walked to take seats and the blond haired boy called Niall was about to sit beside me

"No I don´t sit with people or are you smart?" I said

"LET HIM SIT WITH YOU!" Miss Willie said 

"Okay chill." I said and laughed

"Hi I´m Niall." Niall said and sat down beside me

"Yeah I heard that......I´m Lilly." I said 

"Why are she so angry at you?" He said

"Well.....You see that on her back?" I said

"Yeah?" He said 

"That was me....And I do those stuff the whole time." I said he laughed

"That was a good one." He said

"Yeah I know." I said 


"Now." Miss Willie said and I ran out 

"BYE BITCHES I`M GOING HOME!" I screamed and ran to my locker and took my backpack and my skateboard with me and ran out of the building, then I realized I have detention......Who cares.....I started to skateboard home it was about 20 minutes to go there but why do I want to go there oh I forgot money.....So now I have to get money. Well fuck......You maybe wondering why I don´t like being home....My parents and my brother James don´t give a fuck about me......So I probably end up cutting....Yes I cut I hate that I do it but it feels good when I do it now. No one knows. Witch is good. Oh god I´m home now. YAY note my sarcasm

"I´m home!" I screamed witch no one answered as usual...I walked into my room left my backpack there and took some money with me and walked out of the house. and saw that the new neighbors had moved in I walked down our drive way.

"Lilly?" Someone said and I turned around and saw that it was Niall and his gang...WHAT?! 

"Yes?" I said

"Do you live there?" Niall said

"Yeah...Or no....I mean I am almost never home." I said

"Oh okay why?" Louis I think it is

"Well.....I am skating very much..." I lied, WHY WOULD YOU ASK THAT QUESTION IF YOU DON`T KNOW ME!!! 

"Oh okay.....See you." Niall said and I skated away, THAT WAS CLOSE I skated away and just skated around for like 4 hours and then I went and brought a hot dog and ate it while I skated home, when I was home I had ate the hot dog

"Where have you been?" My dad asked me while I stepped inside the house

"Well I was skating." I said

"Oh okay.....Go to your room I don´t want to see you one more time today!" He said

"Oh okay whatever." I said and took my skateboard with me and walked into my room and slamed the door close and locked it.

What have I done wrong? Why doesn't my family care about me? Why am I ugly? Why am I stupid? Why am I so dumb? Why am I so worthless? Why dose no one love me? 

Well time for cutting.......When I stopped bleeding I was about to look myself in the mirror and took on some foundation to cover the cut. Done now no one will see I have been cutting....I took on some pyjamas shorts and a new tank top. I looked out the window and then I saw Niall.....He has his freaking window so he can see trough my window oh god no! He saw me and waved at me I waved back and then I closed the curtain....Why?! But now I have to sleep. So I but my phone on charge, then laid back in my bed and thought about my day life what would happened if I ended my life? 

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