Gone in Time

"Let me in! I have a ticket to see One Direction!!"
"One Direction?"
"The famous boy-band!"
"Oh you mean The Beatles..well sorry miss, they're dead.."
"You've got it all wrong. Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn?"
"Sorry miss, never hear of them."


2. Chapter 2

*Yawn* Well it's morning guys! Today's the day!

I rushed down stairs as fast as I can, almost tripping on the last one.

"Wow, why so fast ninja monkey?" My dad asked, rather amused. Trust me, I'm not an Early Bird, so this is probably the first and last day they will see me waking up at 7 a.m, being as hyper as hell. 

"Oh you know why, silly!" I joke-punched my dad. He was looking at me quite curiously, but that didn't matter. I was so excited! 

I rushed to the phone as quick as I can and dialed your number. 

"Hey (y/n), you coming today?" I chirped on the phone. 

"I'm not sure, I didn't ask my mom yet, and besides, I have lots of studies! S.A.T's are coming up this week!" you answered. 

"You're always studying, can't you give yourself a break?"

"No can do, sorry!" 

"Alright then, see ya around?"


*phone call ends*

"Well that sucks," I murmured to myself. 

"What does, honey?" My mom asked, preparing French Toast.

"(Y/n) said she can't make it today," I said with sadness in my voice. 

"Oh! I see...honey, look at the date on the Tickets."

" October 26?" I asked questioningly.

"And the other one?"

"Umm..OCTOBER 27!?!" I screamed.

"*laughs* Yes, even if (y/n) did say yes, she wouldn't have come with you," My mom said in the 'mother-tone-when-pleased' voice.

Well then, I guess I'm going to have to go twice! That's amazing! Maybe I can actually meet one of them! That'll be just amazing. I literally feel like I am the most luckiest person on Earth. 

-day spent by fangirling for 24 hours- 

Yes...I fan girl way too much, don't judge...I know you do ;)




A/N: Nah...I don't fangirl that much, and I'm not a BIG fan, but I really like One Direction. I just had to make this book..I really liked the title..so yeh ^_^ See ya! 

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