I managed!

I'm Summer. Summer Doth. I know, weird name, but that's the least of my worries right now. I'm dating a footballer, I'm a singer, my Dad's a manager.

But the problem is who he manages.

You guessed it; One Direction.

Urggghh, right?...................................that's what I THOUGHT?

Soon enough, things change..But is it for the better?


9. Maybe, just maybe.

Zayn's POV


I watched as Summer closed her eyes, in one peaceful motion and soon she was asleep in my arms. After a while, I felt my head get heavy, and soon enough, I was laying down beside Sum, sleeping too.


I woke up next morning, feeling thirsty. I got up and found that Summer was still sleeping. Wow, she must have really loved her ex. I felt so sory for her, but something inside of me felt happy, maybe even hopefull?


Summer's POV


Soon enough, I was jumping down the stairs feeling completely refreshed. I skipped into the kitchen to find Zayn sat down drinking a gallon of water.


''You must be thirsty.'' I giggled, giving him a hug. But as soon as our bodies touched, I regretted it.


Only a few days ago you wanted to murder him, Summer, you hate him...


Don't you?


I shook my head and broke apart from Zayn, catching a glimpse of hapiness in his eyes. I brushed it off my shoulder and made my way to the T.V room, dodging bits and peices thrown about in the room.


Wow, I better clean this up soon.


I dived into the sofa, grabbing the T.V remote and switching it on. But then I felt the need of a movie.


Marley And Me sounded perfect right now. I reached over for the disc and inserted it in the DVD player, and soon enough, it took over my screen.


Just before it started, I felt the area of the sofa next to me sink, signaling I had company. I turned around to face Zayn grinning widely at the screen.


''You like this movie?'' I suggested, cocking an eyebrow.


''You kidding? I love it!'' He almost shrieked, grabbing a pillow and hugging it. But...everytime I watch this, I'm always cuddling with someone, and if I don't, then it spoils it, so...


I shuffled over to Zayn and did what I was hoping to do, as his expression softened and he wrapped an arm around me.


Maybe this isn't so bad after all.


Maybe HE'S not so bad after all?


''Maybe, just maybe.'' I accidently spoke into Zayn's chest, ignoring his weird look he was giving me now.

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