I managed!

I'm Summer. Summer Doth. I know, weird name, but that's the least of my worries right now. I'm dating a footballer, I'm a singer, my Dad's a manager.

But the problem is who he manages.

You guessed it; One Direction.

Urggghh, right?...................................that's what I THOUGHT?

Soon enough, things change..But is it for the better?


12. It's all true

Summer's POV


I was still leaning against the window when my dad walked into my room, he too was holding a mug filled with what smelt like hot chocolate.


''Hey, princess." My dad smiled. sitting down on the edge of my bed. I smiled and went over and sat down too.


''Hi,  daddy." I hesitated to say something, and as my dad knew me for all my life, he noticed it.


''Whats up, baby?'' He asked, putting a hand on my knee. I pushed in off and stood up, walking to the window again. I was looking out at kids playing in a car park, my back facing dad.


''Daddy, how do you know when you're...in love?''


I heard my dad gasp behind me. I turned around to find him smiling, getting teary eyed, as if it was a once in a life time thing. Which I guess it was.


''Aww, baby.''


''Dad, just answer the question please!'' I sighed, pulling a string of hair behind my ear.


''Well, you have to feel this thing in your tummy, as though it's turned into a washing machine or something. You know you're in love when you care about that person even if you don't want to, and when you'd do anything to make them happy. To see them smile is better than all the food and money in the world. To hear them laugh can make you laugh even if the joke sucked. You know you're in love when that person is in love with someone else and you're happy for them, even though it's the most painful thing ever. I guess you can also tell by the whole firework thing. When you kiss, you see them. When you touch, you feel them. When you hug, you hear them. They're everywhere. And you love it. But to love someone is harder than you think. You have to love them, if you want them to love you. You have to give, to get.'' My dad explained, his eyes never leaving mine. I smiled and thought about what he said.


Tonight will prove if I love Zayn or not.


Zayn's POV


''...You have to give, to get.'' Her dad finished. I smiled to myself, but then frowned at why she would ask her dad that. Is it because she loved someone?


If she does love someone, and they're not me, I WILL be heart broken, but I guess it'll be fine if Sum's happy. Just then, I heard footsteps making their way towards the door. I quickly but quietly sneaked away half way down the stairs and then pretended I was just making my way down.


''Oh, Zayn! Hi! I didn't know you were back.'' Summer rushed blushing. ''You didn't hear anything, did you?'' Just then her dad came out of the room. looking from me to Summer and back. Then a surprised look crossed his face as though something clicked in.


And I knew EXACTLY what that thing was.


Summer's POV


''Go check if it's true.'' My dad whispered in my ear before winking and going down the stairs, patting Zayn on the back on his way down.


''What was that about?'' Zayn frowned coming up the rest of the way of the stairs.


''N-nothing.'' I stuttered, before shuffling closer to him. ''Can I...hug you?'' I whispered the last part holding my breath at what he would say. His face lit up and he nodded coming closer towards me. I lifted my arms up, but without a warning I lifted my head up to. When he was close enough I kissed him.


Yup, you heard me. I kissed him on the lips. At first he just stood their shocked, which was awkward, but then he started kissing back. And just as my dad had said, I saw the fireworks. They were definitely there. I closed my eyes and moved my lips in sync with his, as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. I rested both my hands on his head and pulled him closer too, so that if anyone pulled us any closer to each other, we probably won't be able to breath. But I didn't care.


I know it's all true. It...is...true...


I love Malik!


I love Zayn Malik.

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