I managed!

I'm Summer. Summer Doth. I know, weird name, but that's the least of my worries right now. I'm dating a footballer, I'm a singer, my Dad's a manager.

But the problem is who he manages.

You guessed it; One Direction.

Urggghh, right?...................................that's what I THOUGHT?

Soon enough, things change..But is it for the better?



Summer's POV


I got into the huge building full of superstars and other people and even some lucky fans. I went into Chloe's office and smiled.  She looked up from what she was doing and squeaked excitedly. I laughed at her and came all the way in.


''So what's the new album supposed to be called?'' I asked, getting straight to the point. She thought about it for a moment, then shrugged.


''Hadn't thought about it yet. I though you guys might wanna choose.'' She replied, quietly.


''So, where are they?''

''Kitchen.'' I was about to get up when she started talking again, louder this time. ''When were you going to tell me you have One Direction at your house?'' She asked out of nowhere. I sighed and sat back down.


''Never. I didn't want to remind myself of it all the time. And how do you know?'' She laughed and shrugged.


''The whole world knows, babe. It was on the news, they were seen coming in to the house and then one of your fans took a picture of you and Zayn talking. She took it through the window.'' My eyes widened and my jaw hit the floor.


Great. Just what I needed. I shook my head and got up and left, heading for the kitchen.


''NO! LIVVIE, GIVE ME BACK THE CHICKEN WING!'' I could hear Kay scream. She was the greedy one, always stuffing her face. So now that I've said what type Kay is, let me explain the rest.




Me-bad girl

Rose-responsible one.


''Livvie, give her back her chicken wing, Kay shut the hell up.'' Rose sighed. I laughed at them and lent on the counter. Once I came in, all the girls shushed and turned to face me, as if I just killed a kitten. I frowned and took a bite off an apple.


''One Direction, eh?'' Mel asked, but not in a friendly way.


See, I'm not the only one in Starz that hate 1D. We all do, we would even have sleepovers and only ever talk about what we hate about them. I sighed and closed my eyes for a second, holding my forehead, scared it will burst.


''My dad is their new manager. I hate them though, nothing has changed, girls, promise.'' I answered, sitting up on the counter. They all sighed a sigh of relief and nodded. Next thing I know, we're talking like old times. Soon enough, Chloe walked in and announced that we were about to write our first song. But before doing that, we had to think of a name for the album. Our previous albums were called: Our Night Only,  Forever Alone and Once  More. So I thought...why not call it...


''Got No Time.'' I muttered, and Chole's head snapped up.


''Yes, Summer.'' She breathed excitedly. I giggled and nodded. So now the name was out of the way, now lets write that first song. We all ran to our thinking room. I know, weird. A super girl  band having a thinking room, but Rose and Livvie thought of it, and we liked it.


''Okay, well can we make it about us thinking we...hate someone, but ending up falling in love with them?'' Kay suggested. I nodded and noted it down.


''So it'll start with...I thought I had you figured out.'' I sang, snapping my fingers in tune with the song. Chloe nodded slowly before her face lighted up.


''We'll have you sing the first part, then, Summer.'' I thought about it for a moment. It would be the first time I sang the first part, so I took the chance.


''Next, she can sing You gave me a surprise I liked.'' Mel continued, clapping her hands along with my singing.


After two hours of thinking we had thought of the whole song. I like id, it was my favorite song we had ever wrote, I think. I sang it on the way home, tapping my fingers on the wheel. When I finally arrived at home, the guys had gone and dad was asleep. I snuck into my room, changed into my pj's and got into bed, falling isntantly asleep.


When I woke up, it was still dark. I went downstairs, made myself some tea and sat in the living room, sipping quietly, carefull not to wake up my dad.


I was about to go into the kitchen when I finished my tea, but I heard a creak behind me. I turned around and my jaw dropped.


''What are you doing here?'' I whisper/shouted, as Zayn stood there rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.


''I slept here. So did the boys, your dad offered us a place to stay until we find a place to live by ourselves?'' It was more of a question than a statement. I groaned and pushed past him to the kitchen.


''Why do you hate us?'' He surprised me by throwing that question at me.


''You want all the attention you can get, and you like people to worship you. You're only in a band because you want fame, you don't even have talent. Well, okay, you're good at singing, and your music is okay, but other than that...I hate you.'' I said, matter-of-factly. His face dropped when I said the last part, which made me giggle silently. I moved out of his sight, into the kitchen. I put my mug away and turned on my heel, heading up to my room. I got to the stairs, but something caught my eye. Zayn was still where I left him, but he was crying.


I brushed it off my shoulder, before running up to my room, but the thought kept haunting me.


I made Zayn Malik cry.

I made Zayn Malik cry.

I made Zayn Malik cry!!!

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