I managed!

I'm Summer. Summer Doth. I know, weird name, but that's the least of my worries right now. I'm dating a footballer, I'm a singer, my Dad's a manager.

But the problem is who he manages.

You guessed it; One Direction.

Urggghh, right?...................................that's what I THOUGHT?

Soon enough, things change..But is it for the better?


8. Goodbye, Jamie

Summer's POV


I was driving around, just looking out of my window at all the couples walking when I spotted one boy who caught my attention.




Jamie is a footballer, he's my boyfriend, but it looks like he's my ex now, as he was walking hand in hand with another girl. I guess I don't blame him, I hardly had any time for him, but why couldn't he just break up with me instead of cheat. My eyes widened as he lent down to kiss her, and she kissed him back. Well, lets see what that 'nice' girl will think when she knows he was cheating, huh? 


I jumped out of the car and stomped past everyone, until I reached him.


''Oh, Jamie, isn't that your cousin?'' The girl looked up at Jamie and smiled, showing off two clear rows of perfect teeth.


''Your cousin? Oh, no no, I was his girlfriend, but I guess he was a little too interested in someone else at the time, huh, Jamie?'' I faked a smile at the girl and frowned at Jamie. ''Jamie, that's it, you're dumped!'' I frowned again, and turned around.


''Goodbye, Jamie.'' I mumbled, before stomping back to my car, tears threatening to fall. I strapped my seat belt on and drove back home, planning on getting inside without being noticed. When I arrived, I ran up to my room, slamming the door shut behind me.


Way to go for being unnoticed, Sum! 


I quickly changed into pj's and jumped into bed, not caring that it's only three pm. I threw the covers over me and closed my eyes, just as a knock on the door burst through the silence.


''Come in.'' I croaked, not noticing that I had been crying till then.


''Summer?'' Zayn looked down at me and frowned once he, too, noticed the fact that my pillow was drenched. I smiled weakly and patted the bed, inviting him to sit down. He did as told and smiled back.


''What happened?'' He whispered, even though my room was sound proof.


''Jamie, my now ex-boyfriend, was cheating on me, Zayn. He was with another girl this morning, and...and they kissed. I saw them.'' I wept, as Zayn's hand went up and down my back, soothing me. He made cooing noises and little compliments like 'you can do better' or 'don't worry, you'll be fine'. I nodded and smiled, just as my eyes gave way, shutting all the noise out once more.

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