I managed!

I'm Summer. Summer Doth. I know, weird name, but that's the least of my worries right now. I'm dating a footballer, I'm a singer, my Dad's a manager.

But the problem is who he manages.

You guessed it; One Direction.

Urggghh, right?...................................that's what I THOUGHT?

Soon enough, things change..But is it for the better?


11. Do I love him?

Summer's POV


I woke up and stretched, yawning loudly.


''Za...'' But then I noticed Zayn had gone. I frowned and felt something tickle my forehead. I quickly reached my hand up to scratch it, when it hit what felt like a piece of paper. I scraped it off my head and read it aloud.


''Dear Sum;)

I went for a walk and didn't want to wake you up.

Hope you had a good rest.

See ya later,

                Zayn! xxx''


I smiled to myself at the nickname but felt butterflies when I saw the 3 kisses. It had to mean something, didn't it/ Or was it just a thing he does for every girl? No, no no no, I shouldn't care...Right? Actually, now that I think of it... I might just...


NO! I do NOT love Zayn Malik...!


I shook my head fast and got up off the sofa heading for the kitchen. I got out a mug and filled it with hot water, turning it into tea soon enough. I wrapped my fingers around the mug and took it up to my room, locking it and leaning against the window. I started slowly sipping at my black tea, and thinking things over in my head.


What if HE loved me?

What if I loved him?

Will my dad mind us dating?

What if he's just like...HIM?


No...Stop this, NOW Summer! He is in no way interested in you, he just wants this album out of the way so he can go back to Bradford! Nothing to do with you...



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