I was kicked out of home on my eighteenth birthday, with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. My parents didn't like the idea of me making my own choices and becoming a bodyguard; they wanted me to work for them, and become a lawyer. I haven't spoken to my parents since.
One year later, I'm going for a job interview to be some famous person's bodyguard, who happens to be Louis Tomlinson.
We are always arguing and annoying each other but we have to learn to get along as we don't want anyone getting hurt; or worse, killed.


13. Chapter Twelve



Chapter Twelve: Anger.


“Okay, Jordan.” Doctor Murray walks into the room, a clipboard in hand. “We have stitched up the your knee, shin, and your lower stomach. Luckily, no bones or muscles were hit or you’d be in a lot more pain. Your hands will be fine in a few days, they are only a little bruised, just keep them bandaged up and they will be good in no time. As for your left leg and stomach, they will quite sore for about a week and you have to walk around with crutches until the stitches are taken out in four days. Other than that, you are right to leave after a nurse has done a final check up and has given you some medication for pain relief.” he smiles and then walks out of the white hospital room.

I stare blankly at the door as I take all his information in. Stitches, sore, pain, and medication are the main words that I pay attention to. I don’t feel much pain at the moment, but I guess I’m not moving.

I think back at everything that happened yesterday afternoon. The concert; Mike and ‘Baldy’; finding the bomb; being tied up and ‘Baldy’ kissing me; the ring cutting my stomach open; cutting my leg on the glass; bruising my hands; thinking I was going to die; deactivating the bomb; evacuating the building; Louis.

I’m still mad at Louis, I just don’t have the energy to show it. I don’t understand why he didn’t tell me, or anyone at that. He put more people in danger than he would have if he had told someone. He could have killed his fans and band mates. He could have killed me…

“Jordan!” Niall bursts through the door and runs over to me, quickly giving me a hug. It was a bit awkward since I was lying in bed, but Niall didn’t seem to notice. When he lets go, I reach over to the bedside table that the remote that controls the bed is on. It hurts all over, and I guess Niall must realise because he is quick to grab it for me. “Thanks.” I smile weakly.

I press the button that lifts the bed so I’m sitting up and look at the four other boys in the room. Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis.

One by one, they walk over and hug me, each letting me know how worried they were and handing me a balloon that says ‘get well soon’ and some pretty flowers. Louis is the last one to walk over, and he smiles sheepishly. “Hey,” he says only just above a whisper.

I shake my head and look away, suddenly interested in the dead plant in the corner of the room. “Look Jordan, I know I messed up and you’re angry at me, but I’m still your friend at least acknowledge me when I say hi.” He doesn’t sound angry, it sound more like he is begging.

I slowly turn to look at him, and notice the others have left the room. Well thanks; leave me here all helpless with someone I really don’t feel like talking to at the moment. Love you guys too.

“If you don’t want to talk, just hear me out.” Louis pauses, and when I don’t say anything he continues. “When I found the letter I thought it was just a silly kid playing a joke. But then I got another and it told me if I tell anyone, people that I love would get hurt. I was planning on telling you, but I knew if I did you’d get hurt. They think you’re my girlfriend, Jordan. They think I care about you, which I do in ways.” The look in his eyes is so sincere; I know he’s telling the truth.

“The last thing I want is for you to get hurt and because of me. I wouldn’t be able to live with that.”

“Louis I deal with this stuff all the time, I know what I’m doing. If you had of told me, how would they of found out? If you had of told me, I could have caught the people trying to kill you. If you had of told me, none of this would have happened. I wouldn’t be in hospital, those men would be in jail, and you wouldn’t be in danger.” I’m staring straight into his eyes, hoping he’ll get the message.

“Next time Lou, if something like this happens again you let me know, okay?”

Louis nods his head, “I promise.”

I smile, “Now come here you.” I open my arms out, motioning him to come with my hands, despite the pain it causes. Louis gives me a long and warm bear hug, rubbing circles on my back.

“I’m sorry.” He apologises. I don’t say anything; all I do is nod my head.



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