I was kicked out of home on my eighteenth birthday, with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. My parents didn't like the idea of me making my own choices and becoming a bodyguard; they wanted me to work for them, and become a lawyer. I haven't spoken to my parents since.
One year later, I'm going for a job interview to be some famous person's bodyguard, who happens to be Louis Tomlinson.
We are always arguing and annoying each other but we have to learn to get along as we don't want anyone getting hurt; or worse, killed.


7. Chapter Six

Chapter Six: I loved it.


“Now class, we have two special visitors.” Kylie, the chef says, folding her hands together neatly in front of her. “Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend, Jordan.” She introduces us.

I try to smile as best I can as the girls squeal and applaud us while the boys, obviously annoyed with the very little attention glare at us. Trust me boys, I hate the attention as much as you love it.

Seriously, just because he is Louis Tomlinson doesn’t mean you have to specially introduce him. I don’t want their applause. Stop clapping.

Stop it.

Louis, getting sick of cooking and failing, booked us into a cooking lesson. But not a normal one you do at a restaurant, no. At a school. In front of hormonal teenagers. Pretty girl teenagers too.

“It’s nice of you to have us here today.” Louis says, wrapping an arm around me, which causes a few glares from not the boys this time, but the girls.

“Partner up class!” Kylie yells, over the giggles and chatter.

I turn to Louis, guessing that we will be partners and poke my tongue out. “Are you game enough to be my partner?” I ask.

Louis chuckles, “No.”

I put a hand to my chest and gasp dramatically, “That-“

A blonde girl who flirtatiously asks, “Louis, want to be my cooking partner?” stops me from finishing my sentence as she pushes me out of Louis’ grip.

Gee, thanks. Right when we actually started to get along. Much appreciated.

The girl is gorgeous, with a tall and slim figure but with all the right curves. Her skin is clear and tan and I can’t help but be jealous of her looks, because damn.

Louis still hasn’t replied, so the girl continues, “I am a big fan.”

I roll my eyes and look away; I can’t believe that this girl is flirting with my boyfriend right in front of me. That’s so low, I can’t-

Fake. I meant fake boyfriend.

I squeeze my eyes shut, a forget about what I just thought, only to open them at see a very attractive boy watching me a few metres away. He waves and I almost faint.

What is it with this school? Is everyone superstar quality?

I glance over at Louis who is looking bored as the blonde girl talks to him animatedly. I almost laugh, before waving to him and walking over to the hot guy. I figure that Louis will be happy he is cooking with that smoking girl and, at the end of the lesson we can pick a person to try our dish.

I’ve got a plan.

“Hey! I’m Jordan.” I hold out my hand for hottie to shake.

He smiles, “Hello Jordan, I’m Luke.”

“Okay, so I have a plan. I want to prank my boyfriend.” I cut to the chase.

Luke smirks, agreeing that it would be fun to prank the ‘superstar chick-stealer.’

Kylie stands out the front, showing us how to bake a cake as we follow. Though, Luke and I don’t follow properly, I guess you could say.

When Kylie said to add sugar; we added salt.

When she said to add cocoa powder; we added gravy mix.

When she said to add an egg; we added four.

When she said to add milk; we added yoghurt.


I laugh and high five Luke as we look at our finished product.

It looks completely normal, but we know it won’t taste normal. “Thanks Luke, It’s been fun!” I smile, hugging him.

Nearby, I hear a girl whisper, “What a slut, she has a boyfriend and she is hugging Luke.” But I ignore it. I know that I’m not a slut.

“Okay, so serve up your cake and give it to someone.” Kylie claps her hands together excitedly.

Luke and I have already served the cake and it is sitting neatly on a plate so I take hold of it and make my way towards an annoyed looking Louis, Luke trailing behind me.

I’m surprised that Louis hasn’t got any other people trying to feed him cake. I guess they were too scared that it would taste like crap.

“Louis, babe!” I emphasise the word, ‘babe’ on purpose. “We made you a cake!” I smile, innocently handing it to him.

He sighs in relief and I’m not sure whether it’s because I brought him food or if Iit was because I have shut the blonde up.

Louis takes a big bite out of the cake and Luke and I stand there impatiently waiting for him to spit it out in disgust.

At least throw up.

Louis’ face suddenly turns from relief to discomfort. “Ew.” he says, the food still in his mouth. His face I scrunched up, his mouth is closed and his eyes are going watery.

I try to stay as serious as possible, but end up cracking up laughing when he barfs the ‘cake’ into his hand. Luke laughs too.

The whole class stand there in shock, watching Luke and I crack up at a puking Louis.

When we finally sober up, Louis has finished vomiting and is glaring at us.

Kylie chuckles nervously, “Did you like it Louis?” She asks, stupidly.

No, he just threw up after trying some. He loved it.

“Oh yeah,” Louis says, not breaking eye contact. “I loved it.”



I loved writing this chapter! 

And before you ask, no this isn't Luke from 5SOS.


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