I was kicked out of home on my eighteenth birthday, with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. My parents didn't like the idea of me making my own choices and becoming a bodyguard; they wanted me to work for them, and become a lawyer. I haven't spoken to my parents since.
One year later, I'm going for a job interview to be some famous person's bodyguard, who happens to be Louis Tomlinson.
We are always arguing and annoying each other but we have to learn to get along as we don't want anyone getting hurt; or worse, killed.


12. Chapter Eleven



Chapter Eleven: You are so stupid!


I open my eyes a few seconds later when nothing has happened. I glance around the room and at the bomb, sitting next to me, deactivated.

I grin and jump up to my feet and clap my hands, “Oh my! Thank god!” I cheer. Before I fall do the ground because of the pain shooting through my left leg. I groan, and force myself off the ground. I need to get everyone to evacuate, there could be another bomb. I also need to find those men.

I run –it’s more of a hop- as fast as I can out of the closet, while calling the police.

I hit the big red button on the wall that sets off the evacuation alarms and sprinklers. Sirens begin going off and I hear screams, but not the excited ones. The boys start speaking in the microphone and telling everyone to evacuate. I don’t bother waiting for the boys, instead I tell the police where I am and what’s going on before running out of the building in hopes to find the two men.

When I am outside, I notice people are already out of the building and security guards are trying their best to calm the fans as they rush them out of the building and across the road. I search for the guys through the large groups of girls but I can’t see them anywhere. I sigh, giving up. They left five minutes before me, which means they could be anywhere.

I jump and scream when someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and almost start crying when I see whom it is.

“Jordan, what’s going on?” Zayn asks, before glancing down at my blood stained shirt, legs and bruised hands. “What happened to you?” He asks, wrapping me in a hug.

I slowly wrap my arms around him and hug him back. “Whoever did this to you, I’m sorry.” he says into the crook of my neck.

Next thing I know, Louis is pulling me out of the hug and I’m wrapped in his arms. “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.,” he says. I pull away and give him a weird look.

“Why is it your fault, Louis?” I ask.

I also notice all the other boys are here.

Louis has a guilty look on his face, “Th-the piece of paper yesterday. I-it wasn’t just rubbish.” he stutters, and my mouth drops as I know what he’s going to say next. “It um… it was a threat saying that they are going to put a bomb in the arena we were performing at.”

I stare at him in shock, and Louis pulls me into a hug again. I can’t believe him. Why on earth didn’t he tell someone?

I suddenly push Louis away from me, “What on earth were you thinking, Lou?” I yell in his face, shoving him again.

“Do you know how many people you could have killed?” Louis doesn’t say anything and just looks down at the ground in shame.

“You could have killed all of your fans, your stage crew, your band and your best friends!” I shove him once more before Liam and Niall have their arms around me, pulling me back.

“Do you know that they tied me up? They did.” I nod my head, “They tied me up right next to the bomb. You are lucky everyone here is still alive! God, you are so stupid!”

I pull myself out of Liam and Niall’s grip and storm off.

“I’m sorry, Jordan!” Louis yells out, but I ignore him.

I am walking past a bunch of police and ambulances when I fall to the ground in pain. I hold my left leg and stomach, as the pain gets worse. Before I know it, people, including the boys, are surrounding me.

“She’s covered in blood. She needs to take her shirt off so we can bandage her stomach.” I hear someone say. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to think of anything other than the pain I am feeling.

I feel a cold hand touch my shirt and begin to pull it up. I snap my eyes open and glare at the person. He’s about thirty and has black hair. “I’m not taking my shirt off.” I hiss, despite the agony I’m in and the man, slowly moves his hand away from my stomach.

“Please babe.” Louis pleads, causing me to glare at him. “Please? We need to fix you up.”

I roll my eyes and grab hold of my shirt and begin to lift it up, it hurts my bruised hands, but I do it anyway. I’m so glad that I’m wearing a sports bra and not a pretty lace one right now because all the people staring at me are mainly men.

Thankfully, Louis and the boys glare at the ogling eyes, which causes them to walk away or start bandaging me up. I’m still angry with Louis though.



So there you go! the long two chapters you guys have all been waiting for :) 

It was really fun writing chapter ten and eleven, i've never written anything like that before so i hope it is good. 

Next chapter is going to be a bit of a filler, but it should be up soon! 

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