I was kicked out of home on my eighteenth birthday, with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. My parents didn't like the idea of me making my own choices and becoming a bodyguard; they wanted me to work for them, and become a lawyer. I haven't spoken to my parents since.
One year later, I'm going for a job interview to be some famous person's bodyguard, who happens to be Louis Tomlinson.
We are always arguing and annoying each other but we have to learn to get along as we don't want anyone getting hurt; or worse, killed.


9. Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight: Glad wrap.


It’s around two in the morning and I’m wondering around the house endlessly since, like usual, I can’t sleep.

Louis and I have been back in London for a few days now, and we were only in Australia for two nights. On the second day there, we went back to the beach and Eric and Lacey weren’t there. I laughed and told Louis it was because they were scared we’d beat them again.

Oh, about that ‘competition.’

The media went crazy talking about our first public kiss. There are photos everywhere I look and the boys have been keeping me updated on some of the tweets fans and others are posting, since I don’t have any social media sites.

Louis told me that our ‘ship’ name was Lordan and we have fan accounts dedicated to our ‘relationship’.

Though, even though there is lots of talk about Louis, and me, we haven’t spoken a word about the kiss and my, my, am I glad.

I thought about the kiss later that night and how it sort of came out of nowhere and I’m really embarrassed about it. I think Louis is too since he hasn’t brought it up.

Anyhow, I have just come up with a way to amuse myself for a few hours; I’m going to do a prank.

But first, I’ll need a sidekick.

“Louis.” I shake the boy who is sound asleep in bed. “Wake up, lazy bugger.” I yell in his ear.

Louis jumps up into a sitting position and hits his head on mine causing me to fall backwards in pain and Louis to mutter a few curse words under his breathe.

“Nice going, nit-wit!” I growl, rubbing the spot where Louis’ brick of a head hit me.

“It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t have yelled in my ear!”

“You weren’t waking up!”

Louis and I continue to argue over who’s fault it is for the next few minutes before I yell, “Fine, it was both of our fault!”

Louis smiles in triumph, “That’s right. Both of our fault.” he crosses his arm over his –I only just noticed- bare chest. Ew.

“Look, I want to prank the boys and I need you to be my sidekick.” I explain, after Louis gives me a ‘what do you want?’ look.

The twenty-one-year-olds eyes light up with excitement, “Really? I love pranking them!” He jumps up and down on j=his bed before standing up and running to his dresser to put a shirt on, but stops mid-way. “Sidekick?” he asks, as if he just realised what I said.

I nod my head enthusiastically.

“No thanks.” Louis shudders and walks back to his bed.

“What’s wrong with being the sidekick?” I ask, in a very whiny and annoyed tone. If we don’t hurry up, it will be too late to do the prank at all.

“You get to be my leader.” Louis replies, smirking at me from his bed.

 I glare daggers at him; “It’s sidekick, or no prank for you.”

Louis doesn’t say anything so I turn on my heels and slowly make my way to his bedroom door, playing the reverse psychology card. He’ll come. I know he will.

I’m just about to close his bedroom door behind me, when I here him speak.


I smirk, and wait for him to catch up to me. “Hey sidekick.”

“Shut up.”


It’s been an hour since Louis agreed to be my sidekick and we are now standing in front of Harry’s car, with over a hundred metres of glad wrap in our hands. Having a gate into each boys’ backyard does have its perks.

The plan is to glad wrap all of the boys’ cars, so when they wake up in the morning to go to the photo shoot they won’t be able to hop in the car. Louis didn’t have any gladwrap at home so we went to the twenty-for-seven grocery store and bought ten rolls. Seeing as though it was like two thirty in the morning, there were only a few people there, but I did notice the flash of a camera once or twice so Louis and I had to play our ‘loved up couple’ act. No kissing though. Thank goodness.

I go over the plan with Louis to make sure he understands. “Okay, three, two, one, GO!”



I listened to Disney songs while i was writing this. Hahaha, thanks so much for all of your support! I love you all so so so so so soooooo much :) x

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