Sweet Lips

Belle Brookes, 14, I live on a part of UK called "Holmes Chapel" some of you might think 'OMG! Harry Styles lives there!' But guess what? He's the most horrible friend ever! But he has a brother named Marcel, the only best friend I had. Even though Harry bullies me, Marcel will come to him and tell to stop. Once I almost got out of highschool, Marcel and I hadn't seen each other now. I now have a little normal life, I have a job, a car and a boyfriend. But I live with my mom. She encounters a promotion to go to New York. Great. What will happen to me next?


1. Belle Blakes

I am Belle Blakes, I have straight hair on top and curly at the bottom, I have blonde hair with dirty brown highlights. I am 14 when I came here on Holmes Chapel. My birthday is September nine. Now I am 16 two years passed. I went to Sunny DayCares when I was young, I went to another school when I was elementary, and here comes highschool, UGH! I had a simple life filled with divas, jocks, bullies, nerds and me (dorks). ••• I woke up with the sound of my purple alarmclock being loud and clingy as usual, I tried to shut the nutshell outta it but no use, I hammered it to the floor. Finally. I then stripped down my clothes and went in the shower I quickly scrubbed my body and got out the shower a towel wrapped on my body. I pulled out my underwear and bra and wore them. I got out my blue tanktop, skinny jeans and black converse. I then put my hair on a messy bun. I skipped down the stairs and to my suprise I smelled toast and sniff sniff NUTELLA! Yum. I chomped down my food and gulped down my milk. I wiped off the nutella on my mouth and ate it. I grabbed my bag and headed for the fridge, I packed an apple and my left over spaghetti from last night's Amber's Birthday. I looked a bit at the clock. 7:23, yes, class starts 8:30. I sat down the couch and unlocked my iPhone. "Yikes" I stopped and read the sender name 'Raven' fuck. I opened the message: Hay gurl. Might wanna check out Danica's new boyfriend. Mark. I tapped a few times and replied: Bitch. But I don't care. A few minutes later and she said: ;/ what? Ooh gotta go. Meet at Starbucks? I chuckled and replied once more: Bye, tell Ashley to go :D I glanced at the clock and... PHEW. I walked over my closet and grabbed my car keys hidden on one of the drawers. I noticed the letter mom posted on my bulletin board: BE BACK. WENT TO MRS. ASHTONS HOUSE. <3 I scrambled to my car and started it. Later I found myself heading to Starbucks.
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