Sweet Lips

Belle Brookes, 14, I live on a part of UK called "Holmes Chapel" some of you might think 'OMG! Harry Styles lives there!' But guess what? He's the most horrible friend ever! But he has a brother named Marcel, the only best friend I had. Even though Harry bullies me, Marcel will come to him and tell to stop. Once I almost got out of highschool, Marcel and I hadn't seen each other now. I now have a little normal life, I have a job, a car and a boyfriend. But I live with my mom. She encounters a promotion to go to New York. Great. What will happen to me next?


2. Being Called Dork by your BFF

I got out of my small car. I can see those lumps of frizzed up curly hair somewhere, RAVEN! "Heya!" I merely shouted, I ignored the scrunched faces of strange people. "Shh!" Raven shushed me, I can see if she's annoyed. She is. "What are you gonna order Bella?" She asked "Vanilla frappe, please?" I asked "She's gonna get those Vanilla Frappes and I'll get those cookie crumble thingies" She said "Lumpy" We waited and chatted a while as we waited for the coffees. "What time is it?" I asked Raven who was fixed on her phone "Ugh... 7:26" She replied "LUMPY!" The girl in the counter yelled. We got up, took the coffees and started to go to hell-like school. Early. I still got time to talk to my best friend, Marcel. "Hey! Marcel!" I shouted and he looked at me with those eyea and smiled warmly. But luck has run out. Harry came and crashed me on the wall "Hey, Belle. Wanna go in my pants?" He smirked "No Harry" I said acting cooly. It was not by then as Harry snuck his hand under my shirt and hos hand wandered under my bra and started to massage my breasts. "Harry , s-stop p-please" I whimpered, I looked at Marcel as he was glaring at Harry, face, red with anger. "Harry Stop, you've got Melissa, Andy and Lizz" Marcel angrily shot at his brother, they stared at eachother, glaring ferociously. "Why? You jealous Marcel? What if I do this" Harry said, sending daggers to Marcel. As soon as he finished his sentence he crashed his lips to mine, I didn't respond. I can see a crowd of people circling over Marcel, Harry and Me. "That's it Harry! You can't do that" Marcel spat. Harry let go of me and went to Marcel "No! I can do whatever I please Marcy!" Harry shot. Soon there was a fight and they both was sent to the principal's office. Raven took me and said "Wow kissed by Harry, you must be lucky" Lucky? I should've had a trip to a cemetary than be lucky to kiss that douche. "Lucky your ass" I shot "What? You want Marcel the nerd or Harry the popular?" She asked sternly "I'd take my bestfriend Marcel than that bitch" I said "Belle you've been a dork. Picking Marcel than the perfect Harry" She described Harry with dreamy eyes. I ignored her hurtful Comment. I watched the principal's office I can see Marcel pointing to me and Principal Rose motioned me to come in. Shit shit shit shit. I walked in and closed the door behind me. "Belle Blakes, can you tell what exactly happened?" Principal Rose asked seriously. I explained all and Marcel was to go to class and Harry was left at the office. "So Wht did she say to you?" I curiously asked "What happened and Harry said that all I said was not true and I pointed to you to say what's the real thing" He explained I looked at his glasses and his perfect everything. He watched me up and down and bit his lip. He leaned in, I can't believe it! I leaned in, trying not to blush but he can clearly see my crimson red cheeks. He chuckled and made tge move, he kissed me. I can feel these sparks and fireworks and shivers down my spine and.... EVERYTHING I CAN DREAM.
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