A Thousand Years (Sequel to Red)

The moment you realize that in the blink of an eye you have lost everything, its the most terrifying moment of my life. As I drive away from not only my friends, but my family the recent events played in my head. Its hard to believe that in an instant you can looses everyone important to you. Here I am, driving away from the people who picked me up when I fell down and got me where I am today. The people whom I called my family.


46. Safe

***Beth's POV***

We all sat around the fire that we had built and stayed silent. The light from the flames flickered in the room. The bright orange glow seemed to put everyone in a trance. Liam's arms were wrapped tightly around my waist. I looked away from the fire for a moment and looked around at my friends. El and Louis had fallen asleep while snuggling on the couch. I could tell Zayn was beginning to drift off and Niall and Emily were asleep. Harry and Mir where both awake but seemed to be mesmerized by the flickering flames. Liam and I just sat there looking into the fire. It somehow seemed comforting. I could feel myself drifting off as well. I felt myself being lifted up bridal style. A few moments later I was placed into my bed and strong arms wrapped around me and finally I found myself falling into a deep sleep.

I sat at home alone, silence filled the house. The occasional dripping from the sink was the only sound that filled my ears. My surrounding almost seemed haunting like any moment something... or someone would jump out. I looked around cautiously, the feeling of someone watching me overwhelmed me. I heard a loud creak from the entry way. I slipped off my stool and quietly tip toed my way through the house.

That's when I saw the source of the creak.

He is here.

He smirked at me as he slowly took steps toward me. With every step he took forward, I took one back. Soon I found myself against the wall, no where to run, no where to hide. He had me exactly where he wanted me and there was no escape. If I screamed no one would hear me. If I called for help no one would come. I was alone.

"Well look who has no where to run." He smirked in his raspy voice.

I didn't say anything I just shut my eyes tightly, hoping that when I opened them he, all my problems would fade away. As soon as I opened them my eyes were met with his dark, haunting eyes.

"If you don't want your little friends to get hurt, you won't fight." He spat.

"P-please don't hurt them. You can do anything you want to with me but please. Please don't hurt them." I cried, a tear slipping down my cheek.

"No promises." He laughed evilly.

"Please! Please don't hurt them!" I pleaded in a shaky voice.

He pushed me harder against the wall.

"Shut up you little slut!" He hissed.

He hit my head hard against the wall and my eyes slowly began to close. Everything went black. He has me. He's taken me. And this time, Liam isn't here to save me. No one is.




My eyes shot open and I saw Liam leaning over me with a worried look on his face. I could feel the sweat all over me and the fresh tears on my cheeks.

"H-he found me. He found me Liam and he took me." I whimpered.

He pulled me close to him.

"Shh, its okay. It was just a dream. Hes not going to find you, hes not going to take you." He whispered.

"Promise?" I asked in a shaky voice.

He held out his pinky. "I pinky promise."

I linked my pinky with his and he pulled me closer to him.

"Tell me what happened." He whispered.

"I- I was home alone and... I heard a creak and I found him standing in the entry way of our house. He had me trapped. There was no one there for me. He took me. He kidnapped me. He threatened to hurt you, all of you." I whispered.

"Beth, this is the second nightmare you've had about him. You can't let him get into your head. Don't let him win." Liam said calmly.

"The dreams... they just feel so real. I- I'm scared Liam." I mumbled.

He kissed my forehead lightly. "Hes going to have to get through me if he wants to get you."

"Remember when we were 10 years old and I was staying over at your house and I had a nightmare in the middle of the night. I was scared because the dream was about you getting killed. You told me that everything would be alright. You told me that you would never let anything happen to me or you. I asked you to never leave me here alone and you replied by saying I'll never let you go. Well Beth, now I'm saying I'll never let you go. Everything will be alright." He whispered to me.

I looked up into his big chocolate brown eyes. He kissed me softly and pulled me into his lap.

"Do you want to go back to sleep?" He whispered.

I shook my head. "He still haunts me. Every time I close my eyes, I see him standing there in front of me." I whispered back.

"I'll stay up with you." He told me.

"You don't have to do that." I told him.

"I want to." He said. "Lets go downstairs."

He and I got out of bed and walked downstairs to the living room which was now empty. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:46. There were still a few flames from the fire but it had mostly died down. He and I took our seats on the couch and he cradled me in his arms. He and I stared into the fire which was slowly dying down. We stayed silent but no words were needed. He would slowly rub the back of my hand with his thumb and kiss my forehead. I felt safe. I felt safe because I knew that as long as I was in his arms, nothing could get me.

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