A Thousand Years (Sequel to Red)

The moment you realize that in the blink of an eye you have lost everything, its the most terrifying moment of my life. As I drive away from not only my friends, but my family the recent events played in my head. Its hard to believe that in an instant you can looses everyone important to you. Here I am, driving away from the people who picked me up when I fell down and got me where I am today. The people whom I called my family.


15. I'm Home

***Liam's POV***

I finished putting the last thing in my bag and carried it downstairs. Today I was going back to Wolverhampton to see my parents and I have a feeling my mum and dad won't be too happy about the breakup. I plan on telling them everything though. I carried my bags out to my car and got in. As I drove out of the driveway I turned the radio on Cant Hold Us was playing. After a few songs my heart sank as I heard the first few beats of A Thousand Years. Her incredible voice filled my ears and I sighed. Not only did I want her, I needed her. She was like a drug to me. I was addicted. Everything I see, everything I do relates somehow to her. She is constantly in my mind. I guess thats what love does to you though. She's the reason why I will  never love anyone else again. Even if I try, there is not a single person on this planet... in this universe who can add up to her. I continue to send letters every day but not once has she responded. It makes me question whether she even reads them. Finally after hours of driving I reached my house in Wolverhampton. As I stepped out of the car I grabbed my bag from the back. My bag in hand, I walked up the front steps to my house. I pushed the door open.

"Mum! Dad! I'm home!" I called though the house.

My mum came out of the living room and smiled. She walked over to me and pulled me into a huge hug.

"Where have you been the past 6 months?" She asked me.

"As you may have heard Mum, these past few months haven't exactly been easy." I sighed.

My mum put her hands on her hips. "You and I need to have a long chat about what you did to Beth. Cheating Liam? Thats the last think I'd think you would do to her." 

"Just let me tell you the whole story Mum." I said.

Her and I walked into the living room and sat down.

"Speak." She ordered.

I sighed. "It all started maybe a few weeks after New Years Eve. Danielle came to me and told me that she still loved me and wanted to get back together. When I tried to make it clear to her that I was with Beth and I loved her more than anything and I would never leave Beth for her she got mad. She insisted that I break up with Beth or there would be consequences. When I still told her no she threatened me. She told me that she had bail money for Beth's father. If I didn't... cheat then she would post her fathers bail money and Beth's father would be set free. I think we all know that if  he is set free he would come after us all and kill us. Not just Beth, me, the boys, maybe even Mir, Em, El and Perrie. This was the hardest decision of my life. I love Beth more than everything but... I wasn't going to risk 10 peoples lives. I assumed this was a one time thing but she kept threatening me. I was stuck at that point. It hurt every time I cheated Mum. It felt like I was slowly losing myself. Then when I thought it was all over, she comes over one day while Beth was at a tour meeting and insists that I do it. Again she threatens me and against my will, I do it. That was when Beth walked in and it all came crashing down." I told my mum, I could already feel tears in my eyes.

My mum was silent for a moment. "Excuse my language but... that little bitch."

I bit my lip and nodded.

"Honey, have you told Beth this?" My mum asked.

"I've told her man times in letters. I was going to tell her when we all went to see her two days ago but she refused to even speak to me." I told her.

"Liam, telling her what you just told me may make all the difference in the world." My mum said.

"I sure hope so." I sighed.

"So if you need to talk about anything else, i'm here okay? Your father will be home later. Ruth and Nicola are here too and they're with him." She said.

"Alright. I need to go check up on something. I'll be back soon." I told my mum.

"Okay." She replied.

I grabbed my keys and walked out the door. I got into my car and pulled out of the driveway. I knew exactly where I was going. As I drove up the long curvy road to the cemetery all I could think about was Beth. Finally when I arrived at Evelyn Ashton's grave I got out of my car and sat in front of it. Somehow I felt like she was listening. I began to speak to her.

"You were like a second mum to me you know. You were there for me. You helped me with so much. You were one of the few people who knew my secret. How I love Beth. It hurts me so much to know that I wasn't here when you passed, I didn't get to say one last goodbye. I am so sorry for what I have put Beth through. I am a terrible person and I don't deserve her. I'm sorry for never contacting Beth while I was away, I'm sorry for not being there when she needed me most. I'm most of all sorry for what I did to her. I am the reason for her tears, her heartbreak. I am the reason she no longer has that twinkle in her beautiful blue eyes. I am so sorry." I said quietly.

I could hear the wind rushing through the trees. The soft green grass below my feet. The blue sky above my head. The sun shined on the grave stones almost as if it were saying that there is still a light in this darkness. I laid my hand on her gravestone one last time before walking back to my car. I got in and drove to my next destination. Once I arrived I got out and walked up the steps to her house. I tried the door handle but it was locked. I  lifted up the pot and got the spare key from under it. As I opened the door I stepped in and shut the door behind me. I looked around and found myself wandering through the house. I finally found myself upstairs in her room. Still sitting there on the floor were the boxes which she had carried out of our house only months ago. As I looked through the boxes, my hand found its way to the bottom of a box where I pulled out and old picture frame. She still had it. The picture she had drawn the day we met. The flower. The most precious item in our friendship. I held the picture frame in my hand and sat down on the bed. I sat there for  while just staring at it. The picture brought back so many memories. I just sat there and let images of my childhood flood my mind. Those memories were the only thing that kept me perfectly sane.

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