A Thousand Years (Sequel to Red)

The moment you realize that in the blink of an eye you have lost everything, its the most terrifying moment of my life. As I drive away from not only my friends, but my family the recent events played in my head. Its hard to believe that in an instant you can looses everyone important to you. Here I am, driving away from the people who picked me up when I fell down and got me where I am today. The people whom I called my family.


48. Cheeky

***Beth's POV***

"Shh don't wake them!" 

"Shut up Louis!"

My eyes slowly fluttered open and I looked around at my eight friends, cameras and phones in their hands. They all gave me innocent smiles.

"I'm not gonna ask." I groaned.

"Its time to get up in the morning." Louis sang.

"Harry made breakfast." Zayn sang.

"So you better get up and eat it." Harry sang, a smirk on his face.

"I'll give all of you 5 seconds to get out of my room before I light all of your underwear on fire." I groaned.

That got them out quickly. I felt the arms that were around me tighten and I rolled over to face Liam who had a grin on his face.

"You sure know how to get them out." He smirked.

"Well would you like to have all of your underwear set on fire?" I grinned.

"Wouldn't be the most pleasurable thing but it might not be so bad." He smirked.

As soon as I got is joke I took my pillow and hit him in the face.

"Not funny!" I laughed.

"Ow! Then why are you laughing." He grinned.

"Because you're a lovable idiot." I smiled.

He held me close and kissed me.

"You're right, I am pretty lovable." He grinned.

"Beth! Liam! Stop snogging and come eat breakfast before Niall and Em steal it!" Louis called from downstairs.

"Yes daddy!" Liam and I called at the same time.

Liam and I slipped out of bed and walked downstairs in our pajamas. Of course Liam slipped a shirt on before going down considering he sleeps shirtless. We walked into the kitchen and the smell of waffles filled our noses.

"Well look who finally decided to come down." Niall smirked.

"You know, I can still burn your underwear." I told him.

"I'm joking." he said immediately.

Everyone was sitting around the table and I took the last seat. 

"Well I'll just eat on the ground then." Liam smirked.

I raised my eyebrows. "No you won't you big baby." I stood up and pointed to my seat. "Sit."

"But thats your seat." He said.

"Liam James Payne sit your bum down before I sit it for you." I grinned.

He said down and I sat down on his lap. He snaked his arms around my waist and I took a bite of my waffle. I noticed Liam's tea cup sitting on the table. I took it and took a sip out of it.

"That was mine." Liam whined.

"Oh grow up." I groaned.

He took the cup back and took a sip from it.

"Um excuse me, I was drinking that." I said, raising my eyebrows.

"Well so was I until you took it from me." He grinned.

I took the cup from him and took a sip.

"There. Mine now." I told him.

"I swear, you two fight like a married couple." Miranda told us.

"We do not." I replied.

"Yes you do."They all responded.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever floats your boat."

After breakfast was over we all went up to our rooms and I walked into the bathroom.

"You know babe, we could conserve water." Liam smirked.

"Okay." I shrugged.

He raised his eyebrows. "Really?"

"Nope." I smirked.

"You're so mean to me." He whined.

"Babe, you sound like a five year old." I laughed.

"You still loved me when I was five though." He winked.

I walked over to the bed where he was sitting on the edge. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his hands on my waist and kissed me.

"I love you so damn much." He mumbled into the kiss.

"I love you too." I whispered. "But I need to take a shower so I don't smell."

"You smell amazing already." He told me.

"Yeah, amazingly gross." I rolled my eyes.

I walked into the bathroom and turned the faucet on. I stripped out of all my clothes and stepped in, feeling the warm water rush down my back. As I was washing the conditioner out of my hair I heard the bathroom door open. I slid the curtain open so that only my head was sticking out.

"Can I help you Liam?" I smirked.

"Oh just brushing my teeth. Don't mind me." He grinned.

"Sure Liam." I rolled my eyes. "Are you sure thats the only reason why you're in here?"

"Maybe." He smirked.

I cupped my hand under the water and splashed Liam. He raised his eyebrows at me.

"Are you asking for war?" He asked, picking up his toothbrush.

"No, the only one who mentioned war was you." He grinned.

I smirked at him and closed the shower curtain. I finished my shower and opened the shower curtain. Liam was no longer in the bathroom. I was about to grab for my towel but there was nothing there. I groaned.

"Liam James Payne! Give me my towel back!" I shouted.

He didn't come.

"If you don't give me my towel back I'll fill the bed and your pillow case with spoons!" I called.

The bathroom door opened and Liam stepped in with my towel. He handed it to me with an innocent look on his face.

"Now say sorry." I grinned.

"Sorry." He smiled.

"Its okay. I forgive you. If you do it again nothing will stop me from filling the bed with spoons." I said.

He groaned and walked out of the bathroom.

"But you'll still love me!" He called over his shoulder.

I rolled my eyes and wrapped the towel around me. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Liam laying on the bed on his phone.

"I swear, you are like the laziest person on the planet! There are eight other people in this house and instead of talking to them you lay on our bed on your phone." I laughed.

"Problem?" He smirked.

I picked up a pillow in the corner, holding my towel around my with one hand. I threw the pillow at Liam.

"You are being so cheeky today. I think you're hanging around Harry and mir too much." I groaned.

I grabbed some clothes and walked back into the bathroom. After I changed into my clothes I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. There was a picture of me throwing the pillow at Liam attached to the text.

From: Unknown

I'm closer that you will ever know.

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