Living alone

Kendra and Mary-Kate ramen are sisters. They look alike a little but they are not twins. They were abanded, when Kendra was 3 and when Mary-Kate was 2. From now on they have to go and live the life of two ,little girls on the street. Would they find some people that would help them?? Would they be one direction??


6. Smoke and FIRE!!!!!!!!!:

Kendra POV:

I woke up to the smell of something burning. What could it be?? Then it popped. FIRE. " FIRE " I screamed. " FIRE " I screamed louder. " MOMMY, DADDY MARY-KATE THERE IS A FIRE.... HELPPP " I kept screaming. Soon I got comforted. " Kendra there is no fire we checked every where " my daddy said. " oh yeah then what is the smoke " I said. He looked. " nothing is on fire then it must be the fuse box the house is going to EXPLODE... EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE HOUSE " he screamed. Soon after that the windows in our room exploded. ( we have our own rooms now ). There were chatters of glass everywhere. I started to cry because I was scared and I had a piece of glass in my leg. " daddy lets go " I said. He nodded. " look at you're arm " he said. " I know and it hurts " I said crying. I was loosing blood allot and I was starting to get dizzy.we were still in the room. " let's go I feel " and then I fainted. 

Zayns POV :

Oh my god Kendra just fainted we got to go. I grabbed Kendra bridle style even though she is small and she is little but ou know what I mean. I rushed to the rooms and told Jessica and Patricia and paris and the boys that the house was on fire. " Kendra got a glass on her leg and then she fainted." I said worried that the house was going to explode any minute and that were still in the house. " the fuse box is on fire and the house is going to explode so we got to go" I said. Everyone got thier shoes they put them on fast afraid of any glass wou.d explode they wouldn't step on it. We ran downstairs I still had kendra in my arms. I felt like I was missing some one. 

Mary-Kate POV:

 I woke up to the smell of smelly smoke all over. I got scared so I went over to Kendra to tell her but I found she Wasint there. " HELP FIRE " I screamed. There was glass all over I got one on my hand and it hurt. Another window shattered and the glass fell.i got cared and I still kept screaming. The door was open and I could see the fire on he stairs and it was coming. I out on my shoes and looked over the window. I could see my faimily and- and KENDRA. she is sleeping. I started to cry.

Kendra POV :

I woke up in my dads hands and I REMEBERED the fire. I fainted because of the lost of blood but I feel so weak. I looked at the house and windows kept on breaking it was on fire I could see the fire. I looked up at our room to see the window broken when I see a familiar face. MARY-KATE. " Daddy Mary-Kate Is still there. " I screamed. "'I knew we were missing someone" he said. He put me down and went inside the house. I was scared because he would get burned. He came out a little while after but with no Mary-Kate. " I'm sorry Kendra but I can't there is allot fire and I would go on fire but I'm sorry Kendra she is going to be up there and going to stay p there. I tried I really did try Kendra she is my daughter now. " daddy said as he hugged me and cried. I turned around to see evrybody crying, i told them Kendra was in there and now my daddy is telling them he couldn't get past the fire. I know this is risky for a 3 an a half year old but I'm going in to rescue her. " STAY UP IN OUR ROOM MARY-KATE " I screamed. I know she can hear me because she was looking down from the window and she nodded. My dad waved and said help is coming but I know he is saying that the fire is going to the room before help. I started to run inside and my dad screamed no but I didn't listen. I entered. Fire everywhere. Oh god please help me rescue my sister she is the only one I can talk to to when I have problems I know I know have parents bu she has always been with me so don't let non of us die until we are very old. I jumped over a pice of wood wich was half on fire ur I didn't get burned. Here comes the risky part going up stairs. The stairs on fire one side and the other no. I looked back at the door it was far from me now. I started to climb. Step one I made it. Step two I made it. There is exactly 15 steps on the stair to go upstairs. Step 3 I made it also. I was now on step 15 and both sides of stairs were on fire. I got to jump. I'm not a very high jumper. I'm only 3 an a half so I don't jump high enough. I got to try. Here I go. 





I fell to the ground but I made it. I was walking slowly I could see our room. That's when another piece of wood falls from the ceiling on the floor in from of me and its on fire and its not a small piece but its a big piece of wood. Find a place that's not on fire. Ahh ha. Found it. I jumped over it I got to hurry if I want to come back the same way. I hurried and opened our room. I found Mary she was crying. " Kendra you came for me " she said. I nodded. I holded her hand. I looked threw the window.

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