Living alone

Kendra and Mary-Kate ramen are sisters. They look alike a little but they are not twins. They were abanded, when Kendra was 3 and when Mary-Kate was 2. From now on they have to go and live the life of two ,little girls on the street. Would they find some people that would help them?? Would they be one direction??


7. Smoke and FIRE!!!!!!!!!!: #2

Kendra POV:

 I made it... I'm saving Mary-Kate but how am I suppose to get out of this house? " Mary call our parents I will look to find an escape, ok " I said to Mary. Se nodded and went to the window and yelled. I went outside I saw the stairs were on fire all of them on each side. I went inside and grabbed Mary's hand and went to my mom and dada  room carefully.  When we got there the Windows shattered around us. " uh oh " mary said. " were STUCK " i screamed. Mary nodded. " KENDRA WERE GOING TO DIE " yelled mary. " no were not think on the positive side, you little negative little girl " i said. She sighed. I crossed the shatters of glass carefully and mary also good thing we and shoes on. We got up to the window. There was a vine long enough to get down but it is too far away. I looked around until I saw a large stick in the corner. Oh goody we have to cross the glass again. I crossed the glass carefully and grabbed the stick and walked back carefully. I reached for the vine with the large stick. UH OH THE STICK JUST FELL TO THE GROUND. " Mary LOOK THE STICK WE ARE GOING TO DIE YOU LIAR " Mary yelled while crying. I started to cry also. I started to cough and cough also Mary. The smoke is getting nearer wich is meaning the fire is coming closer and closer, I coughed until I couldn't coughed and passed out.

Mary POV:

NO NO NO NO. SHE CAN'T PASS OUT IM THE YOUNGEST WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO. I screamed, and screamed. Then I REMEBERED the garbage shoot downstairs we can slide down there and be down in the garbage shoot wich is kinda the attic where mommy does laundry but me and Kendra call it garbage shoot. " Come on Kendra I found a way out let's go... Please wake up,,, pleasse. " I cried. There was one way to get out and my sister DOESINT get up. I grabbed her arm and well dragged her outside scooting evry glass I see with my foot. OWWW GLASS ON MY LEG, LEG, LEG. I MIGHT BE wearing shoes but i think a glass jump es and la des on my leg. I Was in the passageway well the hall. He fire was on the stairs. How am I supposed to get down. I started to cough even more. Please god don't let me pass out let me save us. I begged to god in my head. I grabbed Kendra hand again she was a bit heavy. " what-what is going on " I heard a voice but it Wasint mine or Kendra's. " who is there " I said. " kasey" I heard her say. " um why are are you in our house " I asked. " we'll I'm a ghost " she said. " I must be dreaming " I said. I saw a movement. The fire was coming. I'm going crazy. That's when Kendra wakes up. 

Kendra POV:

I woke up. Mary was talking to soe one. Who could it be?. " Kendra you're awake " Mary said hugging me. " yeah who are you talking to?" I asked. " a. Ghost now lets go " she said. " umm is that her she ugly " I said. She turned umm were dreaming the smoke is going in our heads " she said. " did you find a way out?" I asked. She nodded. " garbage shoot" she said. I nodded. " great idea " I said. I looked at the stairs they were on fire. " water " I said and rushing to my moms room and grabbing two play pots. I handed one to Mary and one for myself. We put water in the play pots. " what is this for?" Mary asked. " this " I said. I threw the water on the stairs. The fire got lower on a part. Mary threw hers the stairs were on fire still but we can pass on the half that DOESINT have fire. We passed slowly until we for downstairs. I let go off Mary's hand I went forward. " KENDRA HELP " i heard Mary scream. I looked back and there was a big piece of wood I between us. The wood was on fire. " stay we're you are " I told her. That's when I saw a figure again. It was the ghost. Or was it. Where going crazy i thought. " Kendra " I heard Mary yelling and crying. I didn't know wat to do should I go and risk. My own life to save my sister or save my own life. I heard Mary's cries again. " I'm going in " I whispered to myself. I'm risking my life. Mary has always been there for me. I grabbed a stick. That Wasint on fire and moved the brandh with it. It moved just s bit but Mary could pass. Mary passed and I hold her hand not letting go of it. " thanks " Mary said. I nodded. I could see the front door. " we can't make it Mary " I said starting to cry. She stared at me and then said " what do you mean we can't never say can't because we can do things even if it is risking our lives don't you see you already risked you're 4 year old life for me were halfway through come on dont get you're hopes down instead get you're hopes up " she said. " you're right Mary thanks for telling me not to quit and die here " I said and stood up and holded her hands. We were both sweating because of the fire. We were on the door. I took hand of the knob. " OWW " I screamed. The the knob was on fire. I grabbed my sleeve and hold it with my hand and tried to open the door. " IT WON'T BUDGE WE'RE STUCK HELP " I screamed. I turned to see no Mary. Oh no where is she?. I'm scared. " Kendra I'm over here in the kitchen" she screamed. " how did you get over here?" I asked. " I walked. " she said. I went to the kitchen and saw her with a toothpick. " what are you using that for " I asked. " to try to pry open the door " she said. " that DOESINT help now let's go " I said and grabbed her hand. We were back to the door we kept on trying to open it but it was useless. " KENDRA KENDRA I FOUND A WAY OUT COME COME " she screamed. " what?" I asked. " where is the way out " I said hoping it was true we could get out. " the doggy door." Mary said. " great idea " I said. I let Mary go first and then me. We do have a dog but when I was outside before coming in here to rescue Mary our doggy was in hands of my mom. We got out and let the fresh air hit us. EVRYONE rushed to us and hug us. The firefighters came and turned the fire down. The firefighters left and then me and Mary saw the ghost. We wereintseeing things or we wereintseeing crazy I think the ghost wanted to help us get out. I'm scared. We had to stay in the hotel that night. Good thing we had spare clothes in my dads tour bus. W. well we stayed in the tour bus instead of a hotel. It felt so good taking a shower and then changing to not dirty clothes. After that me and Mary fell asleep on top of our daddy.

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