Living alone

Kendra and Mary-Kate ramen are sisters. They look alike a little but they are not twins. They were abanded, when Kendra was 3 and when Mary-Kate was 2. From now on they have to go and live the life of two ,little girls on the street. Would they find some people that would help them?? Would they be one direction??


4. Chapter 4:

Paris POV:

The next morning, I woke up to zayn poking my arm. " what the hell zayn let me sleep" I said. " to make pancakes or something the girls are going to wake any minute now." He said pointing to the two little girls in the middle of us. " fine" I said and got out of bed. I went downstairs. I got the pancake batter and did all of the things to start the batter then I made pancakes. Niall came back down and he grabbed some pancakes from the plate. " NIALL" I screamed. I had to make more. I made allot of pancakes. The girls were coming down. " can I see you're ribs again " I said again. They nodded again. I see thier ribs I could still see them. " you files are going to eat allot of pancakes if you want to make mommy happy ok" I told them. They nodded. I put a plate for each of them. I put three pancakes on each plate of,theirs and out syrup on it. They immediatly dig in to thier food. " we're full now mommy " they said. They are allot of pancakes. I looked at thier ribs again. I couldn't see them that much no more. They went to watch tv in the living room.i ate my pancakes I left some out to th rest of them. I walk back upstairs to get something when I hear a moan. I walk by Harry's door, the moaning is coming from there. I take a little peek I see Patricia on the bed and Harry on top of her and thier making out. Did not have to see that. I walk back downstairs and watch tv with the girls. After awhile I went to go get dressed and also zayn. We decided to go to the adoption center walkin it's really close and also because we don't have car seats. When we got there we told them and all that stuff we sighted some papers, and they were ours now. Yay. We went to the store I kept looking. I found some cute clothes for them. I grabbed girl toys, like babies and all that stuff. I alos got baby food, shoes, hair clips, and stuff to make hairstyles. I got girl Jordan's for thier shoes and Nike and more shoes. We got a double stroller and a two car seats. We bought more stuff. We needed to call Fred to come with the limo. We couldn't carry all this stuff. He came Ina few minutes and helped us put the stuff inside. We got to the house and carried al, the stuff inside. " tommorow is Halloween" I said to the girls. " yeah we know we never go out to trick or treat" Kendra said. "Yeah guess what" I said. " what?" They asked. " zayn come on out ". I said. Zayn came out with a bumble bee costume for Kendra and a fairy princess costume for Mary-Kate. They were o happy. Lets just wait until Tom,row to get candy...

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