Living alone

Kendra and Mary-Kate ramen are sisters. They look alike a little but they are not twins. They were abanded, when Kendra was 3 and when Mary-Kate was 2. From now on they have to go and live the life of two ,little girls on the street. Would they find some people that would help them?? Would they be one direction??


3. Chapter 3:

Zayn POV:     

These little girls are so cute I thought while staring at them. " dude zayn they are so cute " said Niall. "I know right Niall they are" I said back. " why do you have to keep both of them?? Can I have one?" He asked. " no you can not they have to be together they are sisters" I said. " please zayn" he kept asking. This went on and on. Finally I said fine. I don't know wich little girl to give him. " Niall you pick " I said. " hmmm I pick Kendra " he said. That broke my heart once he hugged her and told her he was going to be her dad. " you will have to also tell jessica if she wants to be a mommy " I said hoping he would give her back. " yeah I will" he said. That broke my heart faster and even more hurtful thn the last one. * knock knock * I go to open the door and I see paris, my girlfriend, Jessica, wich is nialls girlfriend, and Patricia wich is Harry's girlfriend. I kiss paris. I tell her to come sit down next to me. She does what she was told. " we'll I found two little girls out on the street, they were starving I could see thier tiny ribs. They were at the store and they didn't have that much to pay for thier little food they had" I told paris " so I brought them here" I told her. " yeah and what do I have to do" paris said. " I want to adopt them  well one of them because Niall wants one" I said to paris. " umm Niall you got to explain yourself also " Jessica said. " ok can I see them?" Pros asked. " yeah sure. KENDRA, MARY-KATE" I yelled. " we're woming were woming " they said as I heard there litter patter of the feet. Paris just started at them. " we'll zayn I wanted to tell you something also the girls already know.  But I'm pregnant" she said with a big smile on her face. I was shocked. I stood up and hugged her. " congrats baby girl were having a baby" I said. " we're having two" she said. " YOU REALLY WANT TO ADOPT ONE OF THEM " I said with excitement in my voice. She nodded. " Kendra is going with Niall she will be 4 next month and we keep Mary-Kate she barly turned 3 last month. Niall chose Kendra" I said. " Niall five back Kendra look how zayn is so sad" paris said. " no Kendra is mine " Niall said in a baby voice. " umm Niall you have never told me we were adopting a child" Jessica said. " paris and zayn Kendra will be going back to you guys, right Niall." She said. " yes Jessica " Niall said back. Paris hugged the girls they smelled awful. " can I see you're stomachs?" Paris asked. They both nodded. She bent down on my knees and lifted up thier shirt. She could see thier ribs. " when was the last time you guys ate?" She asked. " two weeks ago" Kendra said an a sad tone. " come on, I have some little girl clothes in my car i was donating to the donation center" She said. " want to go with me? " she asked them. They nodded. 

Paris POV:

I was walking to my car with the little girls behind me. I took out the box and picked out two nice outfits for them. I walked back inside the house and took them to the bathroom. I took of thier clothes. I put them in the water. " what is this?" Kendra asked. " this is water you take a shower to get clean" I said surprised they didn't know what it was. It was a long shower because they smelled so dirty. After I took both of them and they were shivering like crazy. I warmed up there clothes wich were pjs I picked out. I warmed thier pjs up so when they come out there clothes would be so warm and because I know the feeling you get when you come out of the shower. I make sure they weren't wet and put on thier pjs. They loved thier new clothes. They kept saying thank you. I grabbed a brush I had in my bag. I put Kendra on the toilet seat so she can sit down. I start brushing Kendra's hair, it was all tangly. She started crying that it hurt. I tried not pull it. After I was done I started on Mary-Kate's hair. It was even more tangly. After I was done with both of them I wiped all of the tear stains on thier cheeks because they wouldn't feel comftarable. I felt thier hair it was much smoother now. I put on some bunny slippers on the wich were a slight big on them. I walk back to the living roo with them. I go yo to zayn and sit in his lap. He kisses me. " umm mommy imean women can I have a cup of milk" Mary said. " you can call me mommy " I said. She smiled. " Kendra did you here what she said she said we can call her mommy I haven't walled wanyone mommy in Wong time " Mary screamed. " can I call you mommy also " Kendra said. " sure and he is you're daddy " I said pointing to zayn. " zayn were are they going to sleep anyway" I told him. " we have to go to the adoption center tommorow and then get them stuff. For today they will sleep with us." He said. I went up to put Mary and Kendra to sleep in our room. I put on the baby show for them and I gave them a sippy cup with milk. I put the blankets over them. I walk back downstairs. I saw the girls were drinking with they boys. " hey let me in " I screamed. " but be quiet they are sleeping" I said. " Patricia and paris, come with me" Jessica said. We went with her and she pulled out sexy costumes out. Mine was a bunny, Jessica's was a car, and Patricia was a lady bug. We went back out. They boys stared. "Haha for the the rest of the boys there girlfriends aren't here. I did a lap dance on zayn he was likening it.. He grabbed my bum. I turn around to face him I stared to kiss him when I hear " mommy" it was kendr. I go upstairs in a hurry. I put on adobe before i enter. " yes sweetie"I said " what are you doing there" she said. " nothing now go back to sleep" " ok mommy" she said. I walk back out " god that was close" I said and walked back downstairs.

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