Living alone

Kendra and Mary-Kate ramen are sisters. They look alike a little but they are not twins. They were abanded, when Kendra was 3 and when Mary-Kate was 2. From now on they have to go and live the life of two ,little girls on the street. Would they find some people that would help them?? Would they be one direction??


1. Chapter 1:

Kendra POV:

" come on Mary-Wate " I said to my little sister. ( A/N I'm spelling some words because kids they can't speak good). " Im Woming I'm woming" she said. I'm only 3 years old I'm about to be 4 next waturday. Mary-Kate is already 3 already, so she can talk a few words now. She can walk fast though and run. I was holding on to her hand, I had to walk to the pond, so I can wash Mary's clothes ( Mary for short) because they are wirty. Once we got to the pond I took of Mary's clothes and started to wash them. I finished with her clothes and out them to dry on a rock. I then took of my clothes and washed them but I was bieng careful for nobody to see me. After I was wone with my clothes, I put them next to Mary's clothes. I washed the blankets we used, wich were a few blankets. I washed the pillows also. We had our own tent, it Wasint that big but it was right for us. " wary come here you're clothes are dry" I screamed. She came running in a few seconds. I put on her clothes, then I waited for mine to dry. We brought our own stuff here to the pond. We will be staying here because we feel safer. I put the tent up on a pice of dirt and put the shaped riangelur whapes on the grass so it can stay. It was a pop up tent. My clothes were dry now I put them on. People kept passing us. They were staring at us all wierd like. Me and Mary went to to get money by begging. " hi um wexcuse me would you please give us woney" I said. The guy smiled and handed us both a doller. Of course I had to take care of Mary's doller if not shell lose it. People kept giving us money. By now we had $10:£50 cents. We went to the store. I grabbed apples and chicken, bananas, cookies, soups, evrything we could buy. We went up to pay. The lady said that will be 12 dollers please. I looked at Mary. She looked back. I gave her the money we had. She said " sorry cant except that you need two more dollers". " ill pay for all thier food" a tall man with black hair and a Mohawk said. He payed the man and he carried the food for us. " we're do you live" we pointed and he followed us. We went up to the tent. " this is we're you live" he said. We shook our heads. " come with me and ill pack you're stuff ok" he said. " um ok" I said. He packed our tent and stuff and blankets and pillows. We walked back to a big car. " I'm zayn what about you two" he said. " I'm Kendra I'm wee and I will be dour in next wonth" I said. " and this is my whittle wister named wary-Kate" I said to him. He put the stuff in the big car and picked us up and put us in the big car. The tall man looked and said it is a tour bus. I just stared. I looked back and there were other four boys here. " I'm Harry this is Niall, Liam, Louis" the boy named Harry said rapidly. I stared. I won't be liking it here I thought. 

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