Fake It

"Please. It's one ball."
One ball too many.

Being slightly famous with an even more famous family is kind of a hard ship when you don't want anything to do with them. For Layne Avery, this ball was the very last thing she ever wanted to go to, but when a very unexpected visitor comes and asks her for a favor, she says yes. Layne isn't fit for the royal life, or maybe she is. You tell me, but you first you have to read Fake It.


4. Four

"You're such a coward, Layne! You can't seem to take responsibility for anything." 


My mother will probably never seem to get it. Her words don't affect me anymore. In response to her I say, "I'm sorry. Was I supposed to be okay with an arranged marriage I heard nothing about? Because last thing I heard, I was disowned from the Avery family line. I'm not even supposed to be here."


Which, in high sight, isn't a lie. So maybe I haven't told all the story. I couldn't just quit being apart of the Avery Family line. It's not that easy as I would like. There's a lot of paperwork and conversations... I didn't do any of that. I ran my mother crazy until she disowned me. She was pretty pissed. 


"The contract clearly stated the oldest-"


"Me and Isabel are twins." I interrupt. 


"But you were born first. So, you were the one who had to marry the heir to the throne." She explains matter a factually. 


"So basically, since I wouldn't have gone any other way, you had to trick me into going. Wow. " 

"Well..." Isabel murmurs. I really don't even want to talk to her right now. How could my own sister, my own blood, manipulate me into accepting an engagement. 

"I'm not going. You can't make me."

"Layne, you can't run from your problems." My mother tells me.

"I’m not running from anything. I'm just not accepting the fact that I was forced into a marriage I had no knowledge of." 

"Layne, I understand your wishes, but this would be a problem for both the Avery family and the Royal Family."

"So, I have to marry someone, who I don't know, for some contract I never heard of? Well, I know who to give the Mom of the Year award to." I spit out with my hands fisted in my hair. 

My mother lets out an annoyed sigh as she walks out my room. I don't understand why we had to have a conversation like that as I'm packing to go somewhere I've never been to. It just baffles me how my own mother could look in the mirror and not see someone horrible. 'Cause, honey, we must not be looking in the same mirror. 

I try to blink the tears burning out of my eyes. I'm not going to say no for the sake of my family, but that doesn't mean I'm even the littlest happy about it.

"I'm so sorry, Layne." Isabel says. I go to say something witty, but I just sound like a fucking frog.

"It's just not fair." I say. Isabel scoots closer to me, rubbing my hair. 

"Well, think of it as 'You'll be a princess and then a queen.' That's pretty damn amazing." 

"I never wanted to be anything like that. It doesn't even matter." I mutter. I grab at my suitcases and drag them.


The ride to Chateau Mirlano was longer than needed. The second I get there, I make my way through the security and up the long staircase. 

Why are all of these fucking staircases so long. I just don't get it. 

The butler, I'm guessing Edward, rushes to open the front door for me. 

"Oh! I'm s-sorry Miss Layne. I wasn't paying attention." 

"It's alright. I don't mind, honest." I say to him quickly to ease his eagerness. 

He let out a breath, opening the door for me with a smile. There was a big whoosh  and I'm welcomed to a sight I have never seen in all my days. There's maids lined up on either side of foyer with the Royal family at the other end of the hall. I immediately straighten up and smooth out my skirt. Thinking about it now, I'm not dressed nicely. 

"Layne! It's so good to see you!" The Queen says and I relax a bit. 

"It's good to see you, too." I say back, as she takes my hands in hers. 

"Edward, will take you too your room so you can... freshen up." She tells me. I don't think she was trying to be rude, but still. It hurt a bit. 

"Right. Let's go, Edward." I murmur, walking past them. 

Edward scurries to follow me. Keeping my head down, I try not to trip over these heels that I really shouldn't be wearing. After I notice Edward trying to keep up pace with me, I walk a bit slower so we're shoulder to shoulder. Noticing how Edward seems a bit jumpy for someone who's supposed to be Prince Zain's right hand, I muster up the courage to ask him.

"Edward, are you new here?"

"Me? New? No, I've been her since Prince Zain's and I were toddlers. I'm old, technically." 

I laugh at him as we take right. The castle is a lot bigger on the inside than on the outside and it didn't really surprise me much. There's flags draped across the ceiling. Most of them are Mirilano's flag, but there's others. Many of them are part of the other four kingdoms which I think was put up there out of loyalty. 

We stop abruptly in front of a seemingly old door and Edward says, "This is your room."

"Thanks." I murmur as I open the door to possibly the equivalent to heaven. The room was blue, basically. Blue and green and purple. It was amazing. 

"Lady Diana informed me that your pefered color was blue and the maids went from there." Edward says. 

"Thank you, again." I say and Edward only nods. 

"Dinner should be ready at six. Are there any allergies or preferences I should be aware of?"

"I'm allergic to kiwi." I say, looking over my room. It's just too good to be true. 

"Noted. Until later, Miss Layne." Edward says as he eases out of my room. 

"Just Layne." I yell as the door shuts. 

I shrug and walk around a couple of lace ottomans to the bed and flop back on the duvet. I sit there for a bit and with a sigh. I get ready for dinner. 


Dressed in pair of highwaisted pants and a tee, I follow one of the maids to the dinning hall.

"Thanks, um..."

"Hana." She says quickly. 

I nod to her, taking my seat. I need to remember that. Trying not to bring much attention  to myself, I pull out my phone and pretend to look busy. 

"Oh, you're here!"

I look up abruptly to see Prince Zain walking in surprised. 

"Y-yeah. 'm not one to be late for meals."

"Noted." He says as he slips into the seat next to mine. 

I involuntary scoot in the opposite direction. There's at least 12 other chairs he could have sat in and he insisted on siting next to me. 

"Zain." He says out of no where. I look back up to see he has his hand out. 

"Layne." I tell him as I shake his hand, "just Layne."

"Well, you can just call me Zain then."




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