Fake It

"Please. It's one ball."
One ball too many.

Being slightly famous with an even more famous family is kind of a hard ship when you don't want anything to do with them. For Layne Avery, this ball was the very last thing she ever wanted to go to, but when a very unexpected visitor comes and asks her for a favor, she says yes. Layne isn't fit for the royal life, or maybe she is. You tell me, but you first you have to read Fake It.


5. Five

A few days later I wake up in my room with a start. It wasn't that I had trouble getting used to being the castle. Today was just different. Maids were moving around my room, working (apparently) on something rather important.
"Oh! Good, you're awake." Hana says with a clap of her hands.

"What's going on?" I ask, sitting up in bed.

"Didn't you hear? There's going to be party today." She explains as she rushes to inspect a dress. The maids all nod in agreement.

"A party? Another one?"

"Yes, Miss Layne. Their majesties are quite frequent when it comes to planning parties." Hana tells me.

"What type of party are we having today?"

"We--," She cuts herself off before saying, "I'm not in liberty to say."

"What?" I question as I try to tackle my bed head.

"It's a bit if a surprise."

I nod, looking around the room. With my room being as big as it was, I'm surprised to see it filled with this number of dresses. There's a-line dresses, puffy ball gowns and so many I can't describe.

"Is there any particular dress that sparks your fancy?" Hana asks, effectively stoping my train of thought.

"Not at the moment." I tell her.

"Let me know if you have any ideas."

"I'll do that." I assure her, getting out bed to get my clothes.


Later in day, I find myself wandering around the castle. I didn't really have anything to do. I allowed Hana to pick my dress; she seemed devoted to the idea of me in a dress no matter how ugly it was. Contrary to popular belief, the castle floors are covered in red carpet and the walls are red to match. At every intersection there's a large chandelier

I come across a door that with a slight opening. Pushing on it, I peak inside.

"Edward, I'm really busy right. You can come back later." Zain says, not looking up from his work. Even from where I'm standing, it's not hard to see that his eyebrows are scrunch up in annoyance.

"Oh, I just thought I'd pop in, but if you're to busy..." My lie trails off.

"Oh! Layne, I didn't see you there." He says, shuffling the papers on his desk.

Zain's office isn't as big as I pictured it. He has a large brown desk decorated with picture frames. I can't see them from where I'm standing. There's a couch in front of his desk and surrounding the room are bookshelves. Zain's wearing a black button up and he's hair disheveled. Not that I took the time out to notice, because I didn't. He leans back in his chair and looks at me through his black rimmed glasses that I didn't even knew he owned.

"I can back later, if I'm bothering you." I say as I try to ease back out his office.

"No, it's fine. Come in." He says, motioning me sit down.

"If you have any time--"

"I’ve got all the time in the world, love." He says, swiveling his chair a bit.

I give him a tight smile and continue, "I was wondering what going on today."

He smiles as he says, "I'm not at all sure."

"Hana said it was a surprise." I tell him, siting across from him.

"Edward clammed up at the question, so I really didn't get an answer."


After asking Zain about the party (getting nowhere), I give up. Time for the party finally came along, and Hana helps me get dress. Due to my becoming, Hana picked out a dress for me. She picked a strapless midnight blue dress with rhinestones around the waist. I smile at her before trying it on.

"Perfect fit, perfect dress, and perfect taste," I say, turning to Hana, "thank you. I love it."

She lets out a breathe of relief, saying, "Good. I was hoping this dress was up to your standards."

"If it makes you feel any better, it exceeds my standards." I tell her.
She only nods, before asking me to sit so, she could do my hair up in a bun.

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