Adopted by Niall Horan

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Angel. I live in a orphanage and get bullied everyday by that son of a B**** that I call my 'sister'. But that all changes once I meet One direction. Harry Styles thinks that this will be a horrible idea until he meets Angel it is litterly 'Love at first sight'. So Niall adopts her and becomes her dad. While Zayn, Liam, and Louis become her best friends….except for Harry they will not become just friends, but much more than that!! read more to find out.


4. Trust




               Angel's (POV)




      We were done packing and I sat on the couch waiting for Niall. Harry was sitting right beside me to make sure that idiot didn't come back and start hurting me all over again. What he doesn't know is that she punched me where the scar on my stomach is. I would tell you the story, but I just wanted to leave all I am going to say is that it involved a broken beer bottle and a very drunk Molly.

     'So what happened to you stomach?' He asked DAMN IT just the thing I was trying to avoid. I mean I guess it's my fault I wore a whit see through tank top and I was clutching it and wincing at the same time. 'What?' I asked him trying to avoid it. 'Well your clutching your stomach and I can see a scar that is now bleeding a little bit.' He looked at my stomach. I don't know why but I actually trust him and I want someone to know so I can talk to.

     'Ok well 1 month ago Molly came home from another club with another random guy. I came out of my room to get a glass of water cause I couldn't sleep. When I got into the living room they were both drunk and making out. When I passed the couch I heard him wolf whistling behind me. I turned around and he was off the couch and right in front of me. I tried to turn back around to go to the kitchen when he stopped me. He turned me back around and said some very stupid things I tries to struggle, but it didn't work he laughed and crashed his lips into mine I couldn't do anything because he pinned me against the wall. Then Molly came beside us and pulled my hair, I was happy that she pulled me away, but I then realized that when she kept hold of my head she wasn't going to let me get away with this accident.'

    'Wasn't there anyone there to help you?' He asked full of concern. 'No, the mother of the orphanage went out with her friends and everyone else was at there friends house cause it was a weekend.' I told him looking directly into his big green eyes. 'Why would she just leave you here alone?' He asked obviously getting angry at her.'Well anyway she started to yell at him that I was nothing special and that he was here with her not me. So she started to slap him and he slapped her right back. He left then she started to take it out on me, She broke the beer bottle with the hand that wasn't holding on to my hair. She broke it enough to wear that the top was in her hands, and the bottom was off with jagged edges.' I explained. I tries holding back the tears that were on the brim of eyes. 'Anyway she took the bottle and cut my arms with small marks that burned but she wasn't satisfied yet. So she ripped my shirt off and pinned me to the floor with her on top and took the broken bottle and cut my stomach open super deep. So that night she told me that if I told anyone that she would kill me. After she left I wrapped my stomach in a wrap then walked to the hospital that was a block away. I went in and told them that I was cutting something and the knife slipped. The doctors stitched me up and put me in a clean wrap then they gave me some pain killers. No one knows about this except you p-p-please d-don't tell any one about t-t-this H-H-Harry.' I stuttered I couldn't hold the tears back anymore I cried then he picked me up and sat me in his lap. I cried in his chest while he stroked my hair.

    'Don't worry Angel I won't tell anyone, You can trust me with anything.' He whispered in my ear. 'R-R-Realy?' I stuttered  once again. DAMN IT, me and my stuttering. 'Yes you can tell me anything, I won't tell anyone unless your OK with it I promise.' He said. I smiled while he held onto my waist. 'Thank you Harry.' I said while looking deep into his eyes. 'We should probably get you cleaned up, how is it bleeding when you got stitches?' he asked still concerned. 'Well the stitches never really got a chance to heal thanks to her, it's probably bleeding cause before I came back down stairs she punched my scar.' I said while looking down at my now very interesting shoes. ( Note the sarcasm ) 'Oh, I'm sorry love come on.' He said while walking into my bedroom he told me to lay down on the bed and I obeyed. He found a towel and a wrap he cleaned the scar and wrapped my stomach in the clean wrap that was oddly still in my bathroom. 'Thank you, you didn't have to do that for me.' I said still looking at my very interesting shoes ( again note the sarcasm ) . 'I know but I wanted to help you.' He said while smiling and showing his beautiful dimples. I smiled back and he gave me a hug he did it lightly so he wouldn't hurt my scar. We walked out and sat in the living room waiting for his mates and my new 'dad'. YAY!!!



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