Adopted by Niall Horan

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Angel. I live in a orphanage and get bullied everyday by that son of a B**** that I call my 'sister'. But that all changes once I meet One direction. Harry Styles thinks that this will be a horrible idea until he meets Angel it is litterly 'Love at first sight'. So Niall adopts her and becomes her dad. While Zayn, Liam, and Louis become her best friends….except for Harry they will not become just friends, but much more than that!! read more to find out.


25. Tour



Angel's (POV)



Me and Harry were at home with the boys watching a movie when Harry's phone rang. He got up to answer it. 

5 minutes later he walked back in not looking so happy. 'Lads, Simon needs to see ALL of us even you Angel.' he said. I nodded and we got up to leave. I went into our room and changed into this:



I walked downstairs where the boys were now dressed and waiting. I got in Harry's car with Zayn and Niall. As Liam and Louis went in Liam's car. The whole ride was silent. We finally made it to Simon's office and walked inside.

I was kind of scared of what would happen, and by the look on everyone else's face they did to. Simon looked up and smiled at us. 

'Ok, so I know that you guys have been on break for quite a while and I thought that your fans would want some more 1D action.' he paused and got up. 'Your going on the Midnight Memories tour and Harry you can bring Angel, Niall can bring Chloe, and guys if your girlfriends can then they are welcome to!' he exclaimed.

We all started yelling and acting like little kids on Christmas. Harry hugged me spinning me around the room. 'I'm so happy for you guys Harry!' I said. After we all calmed down Simon spoke again. 

'Ok, so start packing because you leave tomorrow at 8:30.' he said. We nodded and walked out. Once we got in the car Harry hugged me again, 'I'm so happy that you get to come with me and the guys on tour.' he whispered.

​'I am to.' I whispered back. I kissed his cheek and he started the car and we took off. 15 minutes later we arrived home and me and Harry walked up stairs to our bedroom. I changed into some gray sweatpants a gray sports bra and put my hair up in a messy bun.

I walked out of the bathroom and walked over to our closet where Harry was packing some of his things. I grabbed my suit case and packed some skater skirts, collared shirts, button ups, beanies, supras, undergarments, jeans, make-up, hoodies, sweatpants, and some personal stuff.

I finally finished and had a few suitcases packed along with Harry's. I collapsed onto the bed and looked over at the time: 4:13 a.m. I groaned because I wasn't tired. 'I'm going to go take a shower.' Harry said I nodded. 

I decided to see if everyone was packed. I walked to Niall's room. I knocked on the door 'Come in!' I walked in to see him trying to zip his last case. I walked over and sat on top of it so he could zip it.

'Thanks.' he smiled. 'Welcome, so do you have everything packed.' I asked he nodded. 'I called Chloe she's coming over so we all can leave soon.' I nodded and walked out going to Zayn's room, then Liam, and Louis.

Everyone was packed so I went back into me and Harry's room to see him putting on a shirt. He smiled once he saw me. I smiled back and walked into the bathroom. stripping off and hopping in the shower. I washed my hair and my body after shaving and getting out. I wrapped a towel around my body and went out of the bathroom into the closet to get out:




I decided that I would just sleep on the plane. I walked back into the bathroom and dried my long blonde hair and decided to leave it naturally curly letting it fall down my back. I applied some mascara, eyeliner, and some natural colored lipstick and sprayed some perfume.

I walked back out and put my black vans on. It was about 5:30 so I walked down stairs to see Harry making some tea, he handed me a cup and I smiled. 'Thanks.' 'Your welcome beautiful.' he said coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

We sat on the couch talking and drinking tea and messing around. The doorbell rang so I got up and answered it. Chloe was standing there with a big smile. I pulled her into a hug. 'I'm so happy your coming.' I said. 'I know I can't believe it myself.'

I pulled her inside and soon enough Niall came down and embraced her into a huge hug. I laughed cause he nearly knocked her over. The other girls were going to meet us at the airport so that's why they aren't here.

I calmed down and walked back over to Harry sitting in his lap and all the lads came down struggling with their luggage because they all came down at once. Me and Harry were trying not to laugh at the scene. That's why we were smart enough to bring it down when we were done. 

It was already 6:45 so the limo was already here and we put our stuff in it then took off to the airport. I looked at the house once more before it was out of sight.





I finally had time to update sorry if this chapter was a little boring but I tried my hardest so PLEASE PLEASE












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