Adopted by Niall Horan

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Angel. I live in a orphanage and get bullied everyday by that son of a B**** that I call my 'sister'. But that all changes once I meet One direction. Harry Styles thinks that this will be a horrible idea until he meets Angel it is litterly 'Love at first sight'. So Niall adopts her and becomes her dad. While Zayn, Liam, and Louis become her best friends….except for Harry they will not become just friends, but much more than that!! read more to find out.


15. shopping and new surprises! XD

Sorry if this chapter is a bit boring but I accidentally deleted this chap 3 FREAKIN TIMES SO SORRY IF IT SUCKS NOT MY FAULT!!! BYE!!!!

Harry's (POV)


I went to the jewelry store and bought something for Angel because I have a surprise for her tonight. I love her with all my heart and nothing and I mean NOTHING is ever going to ruin that. I went back to the flat and all the boys were just messing around. I got everything set up and just watched T.V. while thinking about Angel.


Angel's (POV)



We were listening to the radio and I was singing along to 'My happy ending' By Avril Lavigne and it was turned down low so that made me sound VERY loud I didn't notice till I turned around and the girls were clapping. 'Was I really that good?' I said shy. 'Of course you were that was the best singing you sound just like Avril.' Dani said nudging me. 'So what are you going to surprise Harry with tonight?' Dani asked nudging me once again. 'All I am going to tell you is that it's permanent.' I said. 'Your getting a tattoo!?' they all said in unison while squealing.

'Yes, but I am not showing anyone until Harry sees it.' I said smiling at what I am going to get. We got to the mall and I told them I would meet them at Starbucks after I got my tattoo. I went into the tattoo parlor and told them what I wanted after they were done I paid after they were done wrapping it up in a bandage. (I will put a picture of what it looks like up when she gets back to the flat to keep it a surprise.) I went into Starbucks and ordered my coffee and went and sat by the girls who had about 2 bags each. 'Hey, did you get the tattoo?' El asked. 'Yeah, and it is just so beautiful!' I squealed. 'Angel Horan!' the girl yelled across the room. I had totally forgot my hoodie and ray-bans at the flat.


All eyes were on me as I walked up there and it was very quiet. I grabbed the coffee and payed for it. 'Hey why is your last name Horan?' the teenager behind the counter asked confused. 'Please don't freak out but I am Niall Horan's adopted little sister.' I said smiling. 'Oh, are you also Harry Styles girlfriend?' she asked shocked. 'Yes I am. How did you know that?' I asked confused but knew that Harry must have posted something on twitter about it. 'He posted a picture while you were sleeping and said that you were his girlfriend.' she said. YURP! Just as I thought. 'Well, now he has it coming.' I said smirking. 'Can I have your autograph please?' she asked looking at me with pleading eyes.

'Sure.' I said smiling as she pulled out a notebook and a sharpie. This is my signature:



After that I walked back to my seat and a little girl about 8 years old came and stood by me with her mom. 'Excuse me, but are you Harry Styles girlfriend and Niall Horan's sister?' she asked shyly and in a cute little voice. 'Yes, I am Harry's girlfriend and I am Niall's adopted sister.' I said smiling. GEEZ! I am so happy today. 'In that case can I pwease have your autogwaph?' she asked smiling.

'Sure.' I said. She handed me a pink glittery notebook and pink sharpie. 'Thank you!' she squealed while hugging me. 'Your welcome!' I said while hugging her. After that she skipped away with her mom following closely behind every body was staring at me now….again. 'Well, somebody is getting fans you'll be getting asked for those all day.' El said sassily. These group of girls came up to me about like 13 of them. I thought they were going to be rude and hate on me because they were wearing 1D t-shirts but they didn't do that at all. 'Can we have your autograph please?!' they squealed. What is with all the squealing? 

'Told *cough* you *cough* so *cough*.' El fakely coughed. 'Haha El!' I said sarcastically while laughing at her. 'Sure.' I said they all pulled out notebooks and sharpies. After that we left and went to somewhere where that sold piercing I got one that Harry would  love. We went back home and I did have a lot of people coming and asking for my autograph. I can see why the boys get sick of this sometimes, but it is also fun it makes me feel…..special. After we got to the flat we all went upstairs and they helped me put away everything and hen left to the other boys rooms to hang out with them. I wonder were Harry is. I got on my phone when I heard footsteps coming upstairs.

Harry came in and smiled. 'Hey beautiful.' he said sitting at the end of the bed. 'Hey handsome.' I said smiling back and putting my phone on the bedside table. 'Ok, so I don't want to see my surprise until I show you my surprise.' he said I nodded. 'Get something comfortable on like for a day at the house and meet me outside the bedroom door when your done.' he said grabbing something comfortable. 'OK, meet you there in an second. I changed into this:




I walked outside to the hall and Harry was standing right there he smiled and grabbed my hands telling me to close my eyes I did and he picked me up carrying me down stairs then down some more stairs. When we got down there he set me down. 'Open your eyes.' he said. I did and 'Little things' started to play and their was wine and chocolate with the couch pushed away and tons of pillows and blankets spread on the floor with 'Love actually' on the telly. My eyes were tearing up because even though it's just at home it is so sweet I turned around and gave jumped into Harry arms. 'Thank you.' I said. He chuckled. 'Don't thank me yet.' I looked at him confused he smiled them pulled me over to the pillows and blankets and told me to close my eyes and hold my hands out. I did and I felt him put something in my hands. 'You can open your eyes.' he said I opened them and gasped. He bought me a silver necklace that had the name 'Harry' on it with a little heart hanging off the 'Y':







I looked at Harry who was smiling. I tacked him with a hug and I was now crying. He looked at me worried. 'What's wrong?' he asked wiping my tears. 'Nothing, it's just that no guy has ever done something like this for me. Thank you so much Harry.' I said looking at the necklace in my hands. 'Here.' he said while grabbing it he put it on my neck. I looked down at it and promised myself I would never take it off. Just then he pulled a gold necklace out of his shirt that had 'Angel' on it:





I gasped once again. 'Now we got matching necklaces.' he said I laughed and hugged him again. 'Hey why is there a bandage on your wrist?' he asked kind of concerned. 'Oh , that would be your surprise.' I said smiling. He looked confused I took the wrap off and showed him my tattoo:



'Oh, my, gosh Angel it's so beautiful!' he said looking at it. 'Why did you get s tattoo though not that I don't love it but why?' he asked. 'It's my way of showing you how much I love you.' I said completely true. 'Well, I love it it's better than all my tattoo's combined.' he said while laughing. I was laughing to. 'So I heard you posted a picture of me on twitter while I was sleeping.' I said looking at him giggling. 'Oh, yeah I did how did you find out?' he asked. 'Someone at Starbucks told me and then every one came up to me asking for my autograph.' I said. 'Well I'm glad they were being nice to you.' he said. 'Oh I almost forgot.' I said hopping up. 'What.' he said confused. 'Remember when Louis said I needed to get another belly button ring.' I said excitedly. 'Yeah?' he said slowly. I lifted my shirt enough for him to see my belly:





'They didn't have any other ones that really fit me well.' I said. 'I love it as always it's pretty but not near ad gorgeous as you.' he said smiling his cheesy smile showing off his dimples. 'Awww, your so cheesy.' I said laying back down on his chest. We were now listening to 'Thousand years' by christina perri and with that I fell asleep in his arms safe from everything just me and him.



Finally finished it without deleting HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! YOLO!!! 1D!!!! and all that good stuff!!!! :)








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