Adopted by Niall Horan

This is a story about a 19 year old girl named Angel. I live in a orphanage and get bullied everyday by that son of a B**** that I call my 'sister'. But that all changes once I meet One direction. Harry Styles thinks that this will be a horrible idea until he meets Angel it is litterly 'Love at first sight'. So Niall adopts her and becomes her dad. While Zayn, Liam, and Louis become her best friends….except for Harry they will not become just friends, but much more than that!! read more to find out.


18. Niall's date.



Chloe's (POV)


​Niall picked me up and I knew exactly what he was going to do. 'I hope your not doing what I think your doing Mr.Horan?' I said. He smirked at me and threw me into the water. I decided to play a trick on him I stayed under a little more and when I opened my eyes under water I could see his white shoes so I grabbed one and he fell FLAT ON HIS BUTT! I came up laughing my ass off. 'You tricked me.' he said pretending to look hurt. 'S-so-sor-sorry.' I said laughing really hard. He got up and started chasing me. 'Niall stop your all sandy!' I yelled. He came up behind me and spun me around.

'Got ya.' he said. He carried me out back to the water he through me in again. I came up and jumped on his back and he started running like crazy. 'Where are we going now?' I asked. 'My flat so we can get changed.' he said. 'But I don't have any clothes.' I said. 'We can stop by your flat, where do you live?' he asked. I told him and his face grew into a smile. 'That is a couple houses down from mine.' he said. I smiled and he stopped walking and put me down.

'Chloe I know we've not really known each other for that long, but would you like to go on a date with me tonight?' he asked looking down. I tilted his face up with my finger. 'Niall I would love to.' I said hugging him, he instantly hugged back.

'Where are we going?' I asked. 'That's a surprise but just were something fancy.' he said smiling as we got up to my door. I nodded. 'I will pick you up in an hour and a half.' he said and walked away. I went upstairs and took a shower after I got out I blow-dried my hair and did my make-up. I went to my closet to pick out something nice. I chose:






I did my hair put my dress on and did my make-up. I sat down and waited after 5 minutes the doorbell rung. 'Hey.' I said as I opened the door. 'Hey ready to go?' he asked grabbing my hand. 'Yes.' I said looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

We got into the car and drove off. The car ride was really quiet except for small talk or the radio playing quietly in the background. We pulled up to this fancy restaurant and I sat there in awe it was so nice and big.

Niall came and opened up my car door for me, what a gentleman. We went inside and got seated in a private room of the restaurant. 'Aww, Niall this is so sweet.' I said as I sat down. 'Thanks, I didn't want to have fans come up to us so I got us a private room.' Niall said looking proud.

The rest of the night we talked and ate and man can he eat. He drove me back home and kissed me on the cheek SUPER SUPER close to my LIPS!! 'Goodnight love.' he said. 'Goodnight Niall.' I said walking into my house.



Author's note: hey guys so sorry if this is a little boring but I have had a long day with my brother and that is also why I haven't been updating my brother just got back for cuba because he's a military police officer and I got to spend some time with him. Anyway I am really tired and tomorrow is THANKSGIVING happy turkey day *gobble* *gobble*!!!!






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