Freedom At Last (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

Sirius Black just escaped from Azkaban Prison, and the terrors it holds within. He knows his long-term mission: capture Pettigrew, get exonerated, and attain custody of his godson. What he does not know is why his thoughts are plagued with lines from the Muggle musical, Les Miserables, that Lily took him to once. One shot. *Battle of the Fandoms competition*


1. Freedom At Last

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Les Miserables.

A/N: WARNING: This contains spoilers to a few of the Harry Potter books. Also, Sirius may sound  a bit OOC.....

Upon reaching dry land after swimming in his Animagus form through the treacherous seas surrounding Azkaban Prison, Sirius Black wanted nothing more than to collapse and take a nice long nap. However, his mind seems to have had other plans. Aside from randomly flashing back to the horrors in his mind brought on by the Dementors, Sirius couldn't seem to get this one tune out of his head. 

"Freedom at last, how strange the taste,"

They were lines from a Muggle musical entitled Les Miserables that Lily had taken him to see before she......passed on. It was about a Muggle man named Jean Valjean who had to go to prison for 19 years, just because he stole a load of bread to save his sister's child. (It also had a bunch of other details, but he hadn't really paid attention to all that since by that point in the very long musical, James thought it was a good idea to freak people out by making them think a deer was loose in the theater.) From what he saw, Sirius thought that is was a very good musical, albeit confusing at some parts. 

That one line.....he just couldn't get it out if his head. When Sirius first saw it, he sort of pitied the bloke for it, but now he could easily relate. Freedom does taste different after having it withheld for so long. It gives the world and entire new it is just so much larger than the small cell he was confined to. To be free....Sirius could now think of numerous ways to enjoy such freedom. At least many more than he could think of twelve years ago. 

"I'll never forget the years, the waste,"

That was the next line. Sirius was positive he would never forget his time in Azkaban, even if some one cursed him with the strongest Obliviate. Between the tremors he would occasionally get, to the flashbacks he had been having, those twelve years had certainly made their mark. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to know of what his post-Azkaban dreams would consist of......

One thing Sirius would make sure to not forget is to somehow contact Remus Lupin. If there was one thing he wanted to accomplish from this escapade, it was that he wanted to show his once-best friend that he truly was innocent. The thought that Remus spent all these years believing that he killed James, Lily, and all those Muggles truly gnawed at him from within. 

"Nor forgive for what they've done,"

There was certainly no way he was going to ever forgive the Ministry of locking up an innocent man in that terrible place. In fact, once his name was cleared, Sirius planned on using any and all power that he held as Head of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black (assuming that his old crone of a mother had already died) to lead a full court case against the Ministry. He needed to remind himself to get a lawyer as well. Between this, and the child custody case that was surely going to occur over Harry, he needed to be legally prepared. If he ever got in touch with Remus, (given that Remus finally believed that he wasn't an deranged, murderous, psychopath) he would have to ask him to arrange something. 

"They are the guilty, everyone,"

Sirius had honestly never seen a more corrupt bunch of politicians. A few months of so before his incarceration, he met this horrid woman named Umbinge or something like that who he heard was planned to quickly rise in rank in the Ministry. If the Ministry of Magic considered allowing people like her to run the gorvernment 12 years ago, he wasn't sure if he wanted to see how the government is functioning nowadays. Sirius could swear that the only semi-competent sector was the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, who (at the time of his incarceration) was prerty firm and strict, yet uncorrupted and law-abiding. Once Sirius got Remus to get him a lawyer, he would get Remus to get that lawyer to get Amelia Bones on his side. Once she saw the injustice is his imprisonment, Sirius was almost sure she would side with him. That is, as long as she hasn't turned into one of the mindless Ministry sheep over these past years. 

After thinking those pensive thoughts, it finally brought Sirius full circle in what he was originally pondering. He had a lot to ccomplish, but first he had to retrieve that filthy rat from Hogwarts. As he saw the first rays on sunshine creeping up from the horizon, the last lines of the short melody played in his head. 

"The day begins and now let's see, what this new world will do for me!" 

With that, Sirius promptly collapsed from exhaustion and quickly fell asleep, for the first time off Azkaban in over 12 years. Ah, freedom at last. 

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