He loves me

Stevie Gonzalez has always been the shy girl. No one can really understand her because of this. But then one day a new boy named Liam catches her eye. Liam and Stevie then find love and drama along the way.

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13. The End

•5 years later•

When I was little, I was really happy, and nothing could stop me. But something changed me a young boy, I forgot his name but he saved me.. He had a British accent and he talked and talked to then I became talkative and happy again. Then he left... I got worse and wouldn't really talk to anyone. But then a few years and boy named Liam Payne came and I was saved, then he fell for me and I fell for him. He moved into my apartment one day, and saw a picture in a box. I looked at closely... It was me and the boy smiling. I ran to Liam in tears of joy. "What's wrong darling?" He asked. "Your the boy, the boy who lived here. The boy who saved me when I was 6. Is it really you? Liam... We were meant to be together." I said. He looked surprised. "Is that really you?" He asked. I replied yes. Now we have two kids, Ryan, 5 and a little girl who is ready to pop. You should know who I'm married to... He is the love of my life and nothing could break our love apart.


-The End-

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